Marketing Automation

We combine the right marketing tools with timely and meaningful content to
nurture leads into customers.

Marketing Automation Singapore

Nurture your leads and drive the right sales opportunities to your inbox


Let’s admit it: A lot of repetitive marketing tasks are prone to flushing our energy down the drain. With so many leads to chase after, and multiple channels to take care of, it’s so easy to lose our wits as to how we can manage all our contacts effectively and still bring in results for the business.

At Construct Digital, we combine the right marketing tools with timely and meaningful content to drive results for our clients. We let our clients focus on the things that matter most to their business. Through marketing automation, we make sure that they start attracting visitors and convert new leads right from the get-go.

Here’s the thing with marketing automation: According to a report by the Annuitas Group, companies that use automated marketing to nurture their prospects experience a 451% surge in their qualified leads. Just imagine how much it can do to boost your sales productivity!

But first things first. What can marketing automation do for your business? Here’s a rundown:

  1. Increased ROI: Marketing automation generates significant new revenue for companies and provides an excellent return on the investment required.
  2. Productivity: Time is of utmost importance for both marketers and salespeople. Automating your marketing tasks can allow you to focus on establishing better nurturing strategies for prospects who are most likely to close.
  3. Better understanding of your buyer’s journey: Investing in marketing automation allows you to see what gets your customers to bite, and lets you discard channels and tactics that don’t work. 

Our Marketing Automation Services

Marketing Automation Strategy

Marketing automation is all about finding the right channels to address your prospects’ needs, and simplifying the entire process with the use of software platforms and technologies.  Take your marketing game to the next level through effective segmentation and list-building activities. Once you’re able to clearly classify potential customers according to their specific traits and preferences, as well as their lead threshold, then you can develop highly personalised content and improve on your lead response time. Check out our Hubspot Inbound Marketing Services.

Automated Email Marketing Production

Not all email marketing deliver results; it’s smart email marketing that does. When you fully understand the value of email marketing, then you will know how to execute it to your best advantage. Why do emails work? Email has the largest reach (3x bigger than the combined number of Facebook and Twitter accounts!). Emails allow you to deliver personalised messages to your recipients. Emails drive conversions. And to cap it all off, emails drive the highest ROI for marketers (or an average of 3,800% return for businesses, if we go by the number)

Content and Workflow Setup

For a marketing campaign to work, you can’t be blasting the same content offers to your contact list. This is why workflows are needed—they help you determine where in the buyer’s journey your prospects are, and what information products they need at the moment. By using workflows, you can precisely identify which of your marketing tactics trigger a specific action or behaviour from your prospects, and how you can engage them down the line. Our team is proficient in Hubspot, Eloqua and Salesforce Marketing Cloud.


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