We are Construct Digital

We’re creatives, tinkerers, scientists, engineers and inventors, all in the pursuit of what’s coming next in marketing.


From our humble two-man team in 2010, we’ve grown and transformed ourselves many times over to ride the digital currents and stay ahead of the curve.






The Agency for Agencies

We began as the ‘agency for agencies’ where we welcomed and executed the biggest, craziest digital concepts from big-ticket agencies. The model worked great—until it didn’t.

Full-service agency with a regional footprint

With growing client demands for 360-degree digital capabilities, we pivoted and became a full-service agency that invested in consulting, marketing and design teams.

Investing in data analytics & film production

We became one of the only independent agencies in Singapore to build an in-house data team. We also invested in video production long before everyone else. To this day, most agencies continue to outsource video production.

Consultative one-stop offering

We expanded to provide a fully integrated offering with strategy & data, creative & content, marketing & media, and technology & development—everything clients need to stay relevant in the ever-changing world of marketing.

The Transformation Agency

We operate at the crossroads of cultural evolution and technological revolution, enabling companies to leverage opportunities created by change.


We strive to create an environment where we can come together to do our best work. This starts with the core values that guide everything we do.

Growth Oriented

We operate with a shared purpose to constantly improve as individuals and as a company. Failures and challenges serve as opportunities to learn and grow.


We show up, buckle down and deliver on our promises to the best of our ability—each and every time.

Respect For Everyone
Respect For Everyone

Nobody works in a vacuum. Respect, collaboration, kindness and authenticity are essential to our work and our humanity.

Ownership Mindset
Ownership Mindset

We take responsibility for outcomes and are empowered to make decisions that lead to those outcomes. Transparency, autonomy and customer empathy make us steady problem solvers.

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