Marketing Automation Services:
Move your leads further down the marketing funnel, automatically, instantly.

Make marketing decisions once, then automate your marketing
workflows around specific triggers.
bluearrow 451%

increase in qualified leads for companies that use marketing automation, according to insights from the Annuitas Group. Companies achieve this staggering increase in ROI through marketing automation, by improving the productivity of their sales and marketing teams through automation, and better understanding the buyer’s journey within their customer acquisition workflows.

What does Marketing Automation mean for:

Customers & prospects.

Your prospects benefit greatly from marketing automation, in the sense that they enjoy immediate but highly personalised marketing material based on their interaction with your business. Through holistic customer profiling, marketers are able to gather valuable information about your customers to understand their pain points and what matters to them - in order to deliver highly targetted messages to the right person, in the right channel, at the right time. The best part? This happens in real time, as marketing automation ensures that what you know about customers is constantly updated without the need for you to sift through large amounts of data.

Your marketing team.

Marketing automation takes care of the human element in carrying out repetitive tasks for your marketing team in the name of efficiency - not only for your prospects, but also for your marketing team. Having key, repeatable tasks become automated, ultimately means marketers have more time to focus on things that actually require thought input: planning, execution, analysis and optimisation.

As an agency who walks the talk, our marketers benefit greatly from marketing automation too.


Construct Digital is a Marketing Automation
Specialist Agency:
We are Platform-Agnostic
Specialists who can Work with the Platforms
You’re Already On


We bring results, regardless of the platform. By working on your tools, we take the
learning curve out of bringing you results for your marketing automation efforts. 


Who needs Marketing Automation?

1. You need to scale beyond your available marketing headcount limitations.
2. You want proven processes to continue and outlive the duration that skilled marketers would stay in your organisation.
3. You want your marketing headcount to do work that you pay them for - creativity, critical thinking and analysis.
4. You want to make prospect onboarding to your business to be as seamless and immediate as possible, without the need for manual human input every time.
5. You want to coordinate multi-channel campaigns in one place so that marketers have one source of truth from which to make decisions.

The Marketing Automation tools we know.


Marketing Automation tools come in many shapes and sizes, and are utilised differently
across different organisations and industries. We’re here to find the perfect one that works
for your specific needs and use cases, in order to meet your marketing objectives most
effectively. Check out our Hubspot Inbound Marketing Services!

Our Marketing Automation Services

Marketing automation is all about finding the right channels to address your prospects’ needs, and simplifying the entire process with the use of software platforms and technologies.  Take your marketing game to the next level through effective segmentation and list-building activities. Once you’re able to clearly classify potential customers according to their specific traits and preferences, as well as their lead threshold, then you can develop highly personalised content and improve on your lead response time. Check out our Hubspot Inbound Marketing Services.

Not all email marketing deliver results; it’s smart email marketing that does. When you fully understand the value of email marketing, then you will know how to execute it to your best advantage. Why do emails work? Email has the largest reach (3x bigger than the combined number of Facebook and Twitter accounts!). Emails allow you to deliver personalised messages to your recipients. Emails drive conversions. And to cap it all off, emails drive the highest ROI for marketers (or an average of 3,800% return for businesses, if we go by the number).

For a marketing campaign to work, you can’t be blasting the same content offers to your contact list. This is why workflows are needed—they help you determine where in the buyer’s journey your prospects are, and what information products they need at the moment. By using workflows, you can precisely identify which of your marketing tactics trigger a specific action or behaviour from your prospects, and how you can engage them down the line. Our team is proficient in Hubspot, Eloqua and Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Predictive lead scoring becomes possible through the very nature of marketing automation. As marketing automation means you’re collecting information about your customers and business prospects, this then means that you’re also able to spot patterns and trends with regards to how and when your customers act. This could empower you to know when your customers buy, and what triggers the purchase, for example. This then becomes a very powerful tool for your business to then automatically be able to predict and therefore project results, accurately - before they even happen!

How we can help you.

With marketing automation, there are opportunities to automate specific functions or day-to-day affairs to offload your marketing team’s focus into the things that matter.

1. Score your leads right.
We do this based on hard won experience and models. This means the ability to get-to-know your customers intimately, in order to accurately predict their intent, and to capture that intent to potentially convert it to a business action.

2. Optimise your marketing efforts with marketing automation.
We build the right workflows based on the right behaviours, to understand who’s in your database, their interests, and behaviours - and then use it.

3. Stop wasting time on menial, repeatable tasks.
By freeing up time with marketing automation, you can now focus on tasks that require thinking, your skills and your experiences - effectively empowering yourself to work better. 

A word from our automation partner.

“Construct Digital integrates the inbound methodology into every aspect of their business.
Since Day One as a HubSpot Partner, their agency has been creating valuable, seamless
interactions for their leads, prospects, and customers.”

The Clients We Work With

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