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Traversing the world of SEO can be a daunting task. Everyone seems to be offering the same service and it’s hard for you to know who is legitimate and who isn’t. Add to the fact that Google is updating their algorithms on a more frequent basis, it’s hard to keep up with all the changes. You can rest assured that your search projects is in good hands with Construct Digital. We are a certified Google search partner, and was awarded at 2018's Agency of The Year Awards in Singapore as 'Search Agency of the Year' (2018). 

If you’re considering SEO as a marketing tactic, take into consideration the following aspects:

SEO Audit & Recommendations

All SEO engagements should begin with an SEO audit. This is an exhaustive checklist that cover issues such as: technical, content, website structure, page speed, user experience and more.

A Content-Led Strategy

All SEO engagements should begin with an SEO audit. This is an exhaustive checklist that cover issues such as: technical, content, website structure, page speed, user experience and more.

Keyword Research

Keyword research can make the difference between an OK SEO implementation and a wildly successful one. Being able to identify keywords along the buyer’s journey is a key component to an effective content marketing strategy that drive traffic and leads to your business.

Technical SEO Fixes

The SEO audit will bring to light technical SEO issues like: page speed, domain/URL issues, broken links, redirection errors, crawl errors and much more. Fixing technical SEO issues can give an early lift to your Search Engine ranking if your brand is already well-established in a particular industry.

Local SEO Singapore

Not mentioned above is the importance of Local SEO. Once all the hygiene SEO fixes are in place, local SEO has a big impact for local businesses. This include things such as having a consistent Name, Address, Place (NAP), consistent placement of the business in the right categories and having a Google My Business page.

Link Building and Outreach

By far the most important element in SEO still comes down to backlinks. This hasn’t changed since the day Larry Page and Sergey Brin published their famous thesis The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine. At Construct, we are able to advise on link building opportunities through a combination of backlink analysis and outreach to communities, bloggers and influencers.

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Case Study

Search Image

How Giant out ranked their Competition in Google SERP


The hypermarket chain came to us with the need to make their website more optimised for search engines and more helpful to their customers.

Improving Giant’s digital footprint called for a library of lifestyle-oriented content that was high-quality and SEO-friendly. Construct Digital was tasked to create their blog from scratch.

After carefully identifying the personas and their needs, we created content pillars associated with two major festivities: Christmas and Chinese New Year. We’d seen an opportunity to take advantage of consumers’ active shopping behaviour during the holiday seasons.

With content pillars like Christmas Food, Christmas Decorations DIY and Chinese New Year Food Ideas, we crafted blog posts that not only featured primary and secondary festive keywords Giant wanted to rank for, but were also ultimately helpful for the readers.

Here’s how we achieved huge traffic with SEO:
Packed with informative and useful content, the blog secured a solid following and ranked number one on Google SERP 1 for 275 keywords that targeted Giant’s customers
At the end of the first month, the blog had clocked in 1,219 page views—and the numbers skyrocketed to 24,067 page views within three months.
And we signed up over 10,000 new subscribers to the Online Super Saver Club mailing list, allowing Giant to market directly to a captive audience.
Today, we continue to spearhead Giant’s inbound initiatives and support their festive marketing campaigns. We remain proud of the blog’s ongoing success, making Giant more relevant to its consumers.

Why Choose Construct Digital for your SEO Success?

Our list of Satisfied clients and real results is a testament to the fact  that we plan, design, and build effective SEO strategies for your digital platforms
We deliver exactly what your business needs: new leads and customers that want to buy from you.
A fully staffed team of digital marketers, content specialists, creatives and project managers supports your company and project.

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These are some of the world renowned brands we have worked with:

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headed by our HQ in Singapore where the leadership team of 4 people are based. 

1 mantra

of being professionally steady problem solvers between ourselves and the clients we work with.

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