Our Culture

Our Beliefs

People at the Heart
of Our Business

We believe in building
strong, long-term
relationships with you to grow
your business.


Digital Excellence
is Our Mantra

We are good at what we do, but
we never rest on our laurels. We
upgrade and adapt to this
ever-changing industry.


Reliability is Part
of Our DNA

We meet your deadlines, budgets,
and requirements to produce
tangible business results.


Work is work;
Life is life

Our team proudly practices
a work-life balance,
almost unheard of in this
hectic industry.

Our mission is to deliver
industry-admired marketing
technology solutions for B2B
brands we’re proud to cite as
our own

The Construct Culture

Daily Morning Huddles

This ensures transparency and visibility, and reinforces our daily focus. It also brings all the offices together.

Acknowledging our “Steadiness”

We get the job done right. We deliver results.

Monthly Team Bonding

More than colleagues, we’re friends with a lot in common.
We get to know each other better through monthly fun activities.

Tailored Growth Plan

Every team member has a customised personal growth plan, which
lists down hurdles to overcome and milestones to achieve.

Come As You Are

Be your quirky happy weirdo self. Be comfortable.
We embrace people for who they are!


We measure value by things you put out, not by hours you put in.
We value work-from-homes—and you get one every month.

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