Charan-1 Charan-2

Charanjit Singh

Managing Partner

Denise-1 Denise-2

Denise Iroy

Account Director

John-Scott-1 John-Scott-2

John Scott

Executive Creative Director

Sharon-1 Sharon-2

Sharon Low

Content Marketing Manager

Edison-1 Edison-2

Edison Bong

People & Operations Director

Aahana-1 Aahana-2

Aahana Nawab

Senior Strategic Planner

Kunal-1 Kunal-2

Kunal Robert

Senior Director - Client Partnerships

Davinder-1 Davinder-2

Davinder Singh

Finance Director

Minh-Dang-1 Minh-Dang-2

Minh Dang

Technical Architect

Elleen-1 Elleen-2

Elleen Chua

Account Director

George-1 George-2

George James Parel

Creative Technologist

Luis-1 Luis-2

Luis Tejedor Campos

Marketing Director

Angru-1 Angru-2

Angru Chua

Senior Project Manager

Kha-1 Kha-2

Kha Nguyễn

Digital Project Manager

Jeslynn-1 Jeslynn-2

Jeslynn Seow

Employee Experience Manager

Rahul-1 Rahul-2

Rahul Raju

Senior Editor

Cheng-En-1 Cheng-En-2

Hu Cheng En

Project Executive

Seph-1 Seph-2

Seph Velasquez

Creative Director

Tan-1 Tan-2

Tan Nguyen

Senior Web Developer

Arshad-1 Arshad-2

Arshad Arsal

Senior Frontend Designer & Developer

Marc-1 Marc-2

Marc Terrien

Account Director

Raveena-1 Raveena-2

Raveena Randhawa

Account Executive


Our culture connects the collective spirit of our diverse backgrounds and the drive to innovate that moves us forward. We treat each other with trust and mutual respect, guided by our shared aspirations and expectations for the future. By creating space for openness and curiosity, we have cultivated a workplace where ideas flourish.

Our ultimate goal is to encourage well-rounded people who not only have the best times of their careers but also thrive as individuals. We prize work-life balance. Our Mental Wellness Squad champions initiatives that unite us and keep us grounded, while our staff entitlements include 7 days of Mental Wellness Leave to help our people switch off and focus on themselves.

We dream big. We aim high. We transform. We inspire change. Despite the physical distance, we collaborate without limits. Together, we create lasting impact for the clients we serve, the industry we operate in and for the people we work with.

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