There’s a GPT For That: 10 Top Custom GPTs for Marketers and Creatives

Jez Cabidog
15 Dec 2023

We’ve seen ChatGPT take the world by storm over the past year, but it seems like we’ve only scratched the surface. Open AI has pulled another ace out of its sleeve – custom versions of ChatGPT that you can create for a specific purpose, called GPTs. It’s a new way for anyone to create a customised version of ChatGPT to help with tasks at work, or even at home. Best part? No coding required. Creating one is as easy as starting a conversation. Try it out at

So, if you find yourself knee-deep in campaigns to analyse, designs to refine, or posts that need that extra oomph? No worries – GPTs have your back. It appears there's a GPT for practically everything (marketing genie, anyone?), and many have taken it for a spin. Here are some particularly useful ones we've come across so far.


  1. GPT Finder

Feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of GPTs out there? Enter the GPT Finder – your very own GPT matchmaker. With a whopping 22,500 popular GPTs neatly catalogued, finding the one is easy peasy.

  1. ECDGPT (Executive Creative Director GPT)

Picture this: Your virtual creative director, ECDGPT, always ready to hop into brainstorming sessions or give instant feedback on your genius ideas. Forget coffee breaks; this one doesn't even ask for coffee.

  1. UX Insight and Psychology Guide

Sure, AI is cool, but nothing beats a good ol' human touch, right? Dive into the depths of design with the UX Insight and Psychology Guide. Analyse your designs with a psychological lens and optimise them for deeper user engagement.

  1. SEO Optimised Blog Writer and Analyser

Want to lead the charge in the SEO front? Create or analyse SEO optimised blogs using this tool, updated weekly with top SEO sources in 2023. Guess you could say the search is over for your next best SEO sidekick.

  1. Voice/Style/Tone AI Prompt Snippet Generator

Say bye to writer’s block. This tool analyses your writing and produces a prompt snippet you can use to guide AI. Just provide the text in the prompt box, through a link, in an image, or in a document. You don't need to write any additional prompt language with your training text.

  1. Creative Writing Coach

Be a writing whiz in no time. Get instant feedback to improve your work, almost like talking to your editor over a phone call.

  1. Personal Brand Coach

Struggling to create a brand that screams 'YOU'? Enter the Personal Brand Coach. Build a brand so magnetic, it attracts clients, talent, and opportunities faster than you can say "connect."

  1. I'm Offended Bot

For the brave souls navigating the modern sensitivities of social media, this bot is a gem. Because in the realm of cancel culture, one misplaced word can feel like stepping on a digital landmine. Let this bot help you screen your socials for potentially offensive content.

  1. Game Creators’ Muse

Ready to level up your game, literally? The Game Creators' Muse is your hub for inspiration. From stories to visuals and concept art, it's the creative caffeine you need for seamless conceptualisation.

  1. Website Builder

Ready to conquer the web? Say hello to your design sidekick. Ideal for newbies and design pros alike, it’s here to help you build your website and assist you with design ideas.


The Future of You and AI 

With their impressive versatility, GPTs may soon waltz into many industries. It’s poised to revolutionise fields like education, healthcare, entertainment and more. And sure, GPTs are changing the game, but hey, we're not tossing human ingenuity out the window. We still believe in the power of human brilliance, quirks, and the occasional coffee-induced epiphany.

So, in the meantime, let AI help you maximise your efficiency, automate routine tasks, and put your focus on projects that require your unique human touch.

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