Asia consistently ranks as the world's most dynamic region

Yet despite innovation and transformation being a way of life here, the stories of Asia's visionary changemakers remain largely untold and unexplored. Until now.

TransformAsians is a celebration of the innovative spirit that drives change, disruption and human connections in Asia. Hosted by Construct Digital's own changemakers, Charanjit Singh and Richard Bleasdale, the podcast showcases the impactful stories of people who are making significant contributions to their communities and industries, inspiring positive global change.

About our hosts

Episode 1: Dismantling Disinformation with Sudhir Vadaketh

August 23, 2023

Episode 2: Conquering Cancer with Simranjit Singh

September 6, 2023

Episode 3: Failing Perfectly with Sunita Kaur

September 20, 2023

Episode 4: Going Global with Sagar Khatri

Coming Soon

Episode 5: Growing Together with Calvin & Dylan Soh

Coming Soon

Episode 6: Deleting Gender Inequality with Simran Toor

Coming Soon

Episode 7: Walking The Sustainability Talk with Howie Lau

Coming Soon

Episode 8: Family Fortunes with Satyen Patel

Coming Soon

Episode 9: Mun Summ Wong, Woha

Coming Soon

Episode 10: Belina Lee, Mandai X

Coming Soon