Simranjit Singh: Conquering Cancer With Data

John Scott
13 Feb 2024


  • Simranjit Singh is spearheading the transformation of cancer diagnostics by commercialising innovative genomics testing at Guardant Health.
  • Guardant Health is pioneering cancer diagnostics with blood tests, AI, and real-world data to guide personalised treatment decisions.
  • Successfully navigating complex multi-country regulatory approvals has paved the way for integrating Guardant’s breakthrough diagnostics into clinical practice.


“Is it possible that the key to conquering cancer lies not just in medicine but in data?” This is the question at the heart of our 'Conquering Cancer with Data' podcast featuring Simranjit Singh, CEO of Guardant Health AMEA. In this article, the first of three, we explore Simran’s 20-year career in healthcare. With his unique blend of scientific acumen and commercial savvy, Simran discusses the seismic shifts in oncology and diagnostics over the last two decades.

A journey of transformation

Simran’s ascent in the healthcare industry has been a steep journey. As a young life sciences graduate in Singapore, he recognised the critical role of bringing new therapies to market in order to transform lives. “If everybody is doing the science, who's actually going to be selling the product?” he remembers asking himself.

Recognising this is where he would be able to contribute most effectively, Simran took the opportunity to study and work in the United States, where the thriving startup ecosystem imbued him with a spirit of entrepreneurship and a vision that would eventually steer his path. Returning to Singapore armed with insights and experience, Simran ultimately made a pivotal decision to join the founders of Guardant Health, marrying his passion for biotechnology with the mission to advance precision oncology by promoting high-quality cancer diagnostics  which can impact the lives of patients with cancer.

Transforming Cancer Diagnostics

Guardant Health is a leading precision oncology company focused on helping conquer cancer globally through the use of its proprietary tests, vast data sets and advanced analytics. "From hype to hope," Simran reminisces on the evolution from the genome era to Guardant's innovative approach that is redefining cancer diagnostics. From initial scepticism to staunch advocacy, Simran’s journey mirrors the industry's acceptance of Guardant's cutting-edge technology. This technology has brought about a paradigm shift in detecting and treating cancer, making early and accurate detection a tangible reality.

Harnessing the Power of Data

Guardant helps patients at all stages of cancer live longer and healthier, through the power of blood tests and the data they unlock. “I liken our technology to a GPS because we are able to guide the doctor in terms of treatment selection,” Simran states. Guardant's tests help inform treatment decisions by putting that power in the hands of the doctor, paving the way for precise, personalised treatments that could redefine patient journeys.

The Role Of Education

With any new healthcare technology, education is critical in driving adoption. Simran emphasises the broad scope of this educational imperative: "There's a lot of education that is required. So, we work very closely with oncologists to let them know and keep them abreast of all these changes in technology." Patients and their caregivers are also vital audiences, needing understanding to make informed decisions. Finally, regulators faced with novel technologies require education to establish approval pathways that ensure safety and efficacy. Each audience represents a pivotal front in the mission to integrate advanced diagnostics into mainstream healthcare.

Gaining Regulatory Approval

Understandably, healthcare is among the most stringently regulated industries. Gaining regulatory approval for cutting-edge diagnostic technologies is a complex, multifaceted process. Simran outlines the diverse landscape: "In the US, we are considered an IVD (In Vitro Diagnostic)... In Japan we are classified as a medical device software." These categorisations reflect the different regulatory frameworks across geographies, with Singapore recently granting approval for Guardant’s next-generation sequencing test. Each jurisdiction presents unique challenges, requiring manufacturers to tailor their approach, educating regulatory bodies to understand and properly categorise their multifaceted technology, and to set benchmarks based on global standards.

Future of Cancer Diagnostics

"Imagine detecting cancer at its earliest, most treatable stage," proposes Simran, as he envisions a future where data-driven diagnostics and early interventions become the norm. Initially, Guardant’s focus was on patients with advanced stage cancer, providing them with comprehensive genomic profiling or CGP to tailor their treatment. The technology has now evolved to monitor early-stage cancer survivors for recurrence, offering a vigilant approach to post-treatment care. Looking forward, the aim is to detect cancer at its inception, where interventions can be curative. This proactive horizon represents a hopeful future where diagnostics pre-empt the disease, saving lives and improving patient outcomes.

Join the Conversation

Conquering Cancer with Data is not just about conquering cancer but about inspiring a movement with data as the protagonist. When you hear Simran talk about bending mortality curves and lessening the burden of disease, it’s impossible not to be inspired by the incredible transformations Guardant Health is pioneering in precision oncology. 

Viewed through a marketing lens, Simran’s narrative is a masterclass in marketing transformation. His story is a compelling template for how to market complex innovations with clarity and impact in Asia, Middle East and Africa. Be sure to watch the full podcast and I invite you to share your perspective. What aspects of Simran’s story resonate most with you, and how could these be integrated into your own marketing strategies?


This is the first of three articles exploring Simranjit Singh’s experiences in precision oncology, based on the podcast episode 'Conquering Cancer with Data'. Stay with us on this journey into the heart of healthcare's transformation.

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