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FACT: Over 90% of online traffic comes from search engines like Google.
So if you’re not appearing on the first Search Engine Results Page (SERP), you’re losing the race to attract more clicks - and customers. 

Don’t beat yourself up. There are just too many players spending top dollar to get top search ranking. We all know the traditional SEO approach takes time and money. But now there’s a way to accelerate your SERP visibility in just weeks for a fraction of the cost of SEO.


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A brand new proprietary solution from Construct Digital

Enter Search Visibility Optimisation

SVO is a brand new proprietary solution from Construct Digital. Similar to SEO, SVO works by going after keywords that are relevant to your business and customers. But unlike SEO that can take over a year to deliver results,  SVO draws immediate, maximum impact by strategically placing these keywords in thoughtfully curated content on high-authority websites—or Publications of Influence as we like to call themto drive Customers to your domain. 

Sounds great in theory, but will it work for you? Check out some real world examples of SVO in action.

Suddenly Cat suddenly ranks on Page 1

As a new start-up in the crowded pet category, Suddenly Cat wanted to position itself as Singapore’s favourite ‘cat-themed store’ and secure an exclusive distribution deal. To do this, they looked to be +1 on SERPs. The catch was ranking for many of their keywords was going to take a lot of time and investment. 

So Construct Digital developed and implemented a one-two SEO + SVO power combo. We worked with a high-traffic publication, in this case TheSmartLocal, to include Suddenly Cat in one of their top-performing blogs on “cat-themed shops in Singapore” in the same vein as other keywords that were relevant to the brand.

The result? SVO immediately propelled Suddenly Cat on SERP 1, while our SEO game plan landed them on SERP 2. Neat, right? The best part: this top search ranking helped Suddenly Cat ink a sweet distribution deal with a major brand. 


Fast. Cheap. Almost instant ROI.

The other amazing thing about SVO is that it delivers high organic traffic that lands you on Page 1 at a fraction of the standard long-term SEO investment.

Now we’re not bad-mouthing SEO. On the contrary, SVO and SEO are an unbeatable combination. But if you’re looking for immediate search rankings on a limited budget, SVO is the way to go. You could say it’s the ideal complement to your SEO efforts (and PR too, if you’re feeling fancy). 

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Search is a Race

With SVO, you can be sure you'll win the SERP race and you’ll race there in record time.

Win the Search Race

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Turbocharge your Search Visibility
at the right place and at the right time.

Over 90% of online traffic is channeled through search engines like Google. If you’re not appearing on the SERPs, you’re as good as a snail that crawls in the background. 

The good news is, it’s not entirely your fault. There are just too many players racing to be at the top of the search results page (SERP). 

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