Website Design & Development in Singapore

We incorporate UX, UI and IA principles in all our web design and development work.


Website Design & Development

A well designed and developed website sets a strong base for your internet marketing efforts

A well designed website should be user-friendly, fast and free of bugs. As experts at web development in Singapore, we achieve this through our stringent project management process and solid web development practices that can be broken down into the following phases:

  1. Project Initiation
    Project initiation establishes the business requirements and KPIs. At this stage, our Project Managers will deliver a timeline, a Statement of Work (SOW) as well as a Functional Specification Document (FSD). This will clearly define the scope of your website development project.

  2. Design and Content
    Our design and content team will then work together to come up with a content first approach that meshes both user expectations and business requirements into a high-res mock up for your approval.

  3. Web Design & Development
    Once the design and content has been approved by you, our technical wizards will then materialise the mocks into a working prototype which you will be able to test and “play around” at any time. Once you're happy, we will develop the website to the exact specifications you have requested. We have experience working with a range of content management systems and can provide Wordpress and Sitefinity development services.

  4. Testing & Website Design Validation
    All our projects are under version control and staged on a testing server. At this point, you will be able to validate feature requirements and provide feedback on the implementation. A formal set of test scripts will be created and used at the end of the website development phase.

  5. Deployment of Project
    This is the date that you’ve been waiting for! Our server and systems administration is best-in-class. Here are some of the things we will do by default:
    • Set up Linux security (user + group + permission + anti-virus + firewall)
    • Set up source control (Git)
    • Set up NGINX + Apache
    • Set up PHP + MySQL / MariaDB
    • Set up the deploy environment (SSH + pre/post scripts & processors)
    • Set up backup and recovery process

  6. Post-Deployment Support
    Oftentimes, our customers enter into a retainer contract with us to maintain the website and grow their online presence with SEO and Search Engine Marketing services.

In our experience, we have found Wordpress to be a robust and scalable CMS that allows us to fulfil most business requirements. Wordpress powers 25% of all websites such as: Techcrunch, The New Yorker, BBC America, Variety, Sony Music, MTV News and Ebay Inc to name a few. If it’s good enough for some of the biggest sites in the world, it’s surely good enough for you as well.