5 Digital Bites b/f Breakfast: Pokémon’s Digital Rebirth, The Secret of Taste & More

The creators of Pokémon GO spent very little money on advertising and marketing before launching it on 8 Jul. But it has mesmerised the world. Just how did they do it? In this week’s 5 Digital Bites, we explore the wildly successful digital rebirth of Pokémon.

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Online to Offline: 3 Case Studies from Around the World

Did you know that eCommerce only accounted for 7% of total retail sales in the USA (src: YCharts)? It’s a remarkably small share of the retail pie. That means most people buy offline at a nearby store. Not at websites.

And increasingly, retailers use digital tactics to drive in-store footfall in the hopes of ringing up customers at the til. But who does it well?

We looked around and found a few.

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A History of Augumented Reality: When Digital & Physical Worlds Converge


As we all know, Pokémon Go has taken over the world. Because of this, Augmented Reality (AR) is now in the spotlight as a medium for the future of branded entertainment.

But is it really a recent phenomenon or does have roots that extend far into the past? Check out our timeline for the answer.

It’s quite surprising.

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Digital Marketing Made Simple

It’s not easy being a digital marketer. Pulling off effective digital marketing campaigns requires the right mix of marketing channels, storytelling tactics, captivating visuals, and data analysis.

Unfortunately, the slowing global economy means that many digital marketers have to execute campaigns and deliver results on a limited budget.

If you’re overwhelmed by the demands of digital marketing, then this post is for you. Digital marketing need not be complicated or expensive. We go back to digital marketing basics and revisit the best practices for an affordable but effective digital marketing campaign.

For more info about why spending on digital marketing is important, check out this post

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5 Digital Bites B/F Breakfast: The Dilemma of Social Media Sharing, Sustainable SEO & More


Stop me if you’ve heard this one: “Scrolled down your News Feed. Got hooked on a headline. Shared without reading the story.”

This habit of sharing without reading is now shaping digital news consumption and determining what goes viral. Problem is – it’s rather like swallowing food without chewing. Lots of volume with very little taste.

In this week’s 5 Digital Bites, we explore this click-and-share on social media, the idea of sustainable SEO, and the art of recognising good ideas.
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Pokémon Go: The Big List of Weirdness & Coolness

Gotta Catch 'em All!”

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, Pokémon Go is driving the world insane.

The location-based Augmented Reality game is currently the #1 free app on iOS and Google Play marketplaces. And it has generated a daily revenue of US1.6 Million (in USA and iOS alone) and surpassed Twitter in daily active users – in just two weeks!

In anticipation of its release in Asia (we hope soon!), we’ve trawled the web to find out how Pokémon Go has shaken up the world. It’s certainly been…interesting.

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5 Digital Bites B/F Breakfast: Facebook’s Latest Algorithm Change, & More

Dislike missing posts from your friends or relatives because they don’t show up on your Facebook Newsfeed? Fed up by how Facebook has changed into yet another commercialised platform for corporations and businesses to exploit?
We have the answer! At least Facebook does. Read on for the answer. 
In this week’s 5 Digital Bites, we explore how Facebook is cutting traffic by publishers in favour of user-generated content.
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B2C Digital Marketing on a Shoestring Budget

In our previous blogpost, we recommended five best B2B practices for a $30,000, six-to-nine months long, digital marketing campaign using our Digital Marketing Budget Allocation Kit.

Here, we shift our focus to B2C businesses. With B2B marketing, it is perfectly fine to use technical jargon and long, deliberate marketing funnels. However, B2C marketers are expected to appeal to the average consumer and come up with relatable, personable campaigns. How then are they supposed to do this on a budget? 

We recommend five best digital marketing practices for a $30,000, six-to-nine months long, B2C marketing campaign.

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How HCLI Grew Their Contact List by 1,700% with Hubspot & Email Marketing

Every company wants more contacts, and ultimately, more customers. To do that, marketers need a coherent inbound marketing strategy plus the right marketing tools.

Sometimes, they just need a nudge to get started.

We gave Human Capital Leadership Institute (HCLI) that nudge by defining and executing an inbound marketing strategy for them.

In six months of our engagement, we grew this Human Resource institute’s contacts by 1,700%! In addition, streamlining their marketing operations with Hubspot resulted in greater visibility on marketing campaign success and customer engagement.

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5 Digital Bites b/f Breakfast: SG Marketers Underinvest In Online Mediums, & More

Digital media is growing in importance.

Yet, research from Econsultancy and Datalicious found that Singapore marketers still overspend on offline media while under-investing online. What’s holding marketers back? Read this week’s 5 Digital Bites to find out more!

P.S Check out our blog post on why you should continue to spend on digital marketing, even during a downturn!

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