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With the advent of inbounding marketing in the past decade, more companies are beginning to embrace the importance of delivering high-value, useful content for their consumers. At the forefront of this revolution is HubSpot, helming the charge for brands to re-think and re-strategize how they acquire and engage with their customers.

5 Digital Bites B/F Breakfast: Google Duo, Blog Post Length, Automation and Job Loss & More

See the caller even before the call starts? Explore features of Google’s latest video-app called Duo in this week’s 5 Digital Bites

In this post, we also explore the right size of a blog post and what automation and job loss mean for us in the future. 

More from digital land: Beware! things you should not say to a programmer; My interface or yours?

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5 Digital Bites B/F Breakfast: Pokémon Go Fever, Instagram Stories, & More


Let the craziness begin! Pokémon Go finally launched in Singapore about a week ago and Singaporeans are addicted.

In this week’s 5 Digital Bites, we explore whether Pokémon Go can bring sunshine to the Singapore retail scene. We also check out why Instagram wants those goofy photos that you might not post on your normal Instagram feed. 

More from digital land: How designers and writers can get along; TV advertising still matters; Signs that a brief is not for the pitching agency.  

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What’s the Olympics without memes, Snapchat filters and Singapore's First Gold Medal?!

Actually, the first gold medal belongs to paralympian Yip Pin Xiu. But our most recent gold medalist is Joseph Schooling. He won the gold medal for the 100m Butterfly with a record breaking time of 50:39 sec!

No mean feat and, if we’re honest, it deserves a sanctified place in our sports hall of fame. But this Olympics has also been a season of firsts, from new memes to one-time-only geo filters, and lots of opportunistic marketing.

In this post, we take a look at a meme, snapchat filters, and Schooling fever.

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4 "Stand-Up for Singapore" National Day Videos: A Retrospective

It’s almost National Day once again.

We thought it might be a good idea to pick the videos about being Singaporean that made us laugh and think a little. After all, we’re a nation of chicken rice eaters, Singlish speakers, and together we march into the sunset.

“Ho Say Lah*!”

 * It means “good” for the Singlish illiterate.

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5 Digital Bites B/F Breakfast: Digital Detox Trend, US Presidential Candidates Battle Online & More

As much as we like to talk about all things digital at Construct Digital, we admit that it’s not a bad idea to go offline once in awhile. Turn off your digital devices and reconnect with people and nature.

But how can digital detox benefit consumers as well as marketers? Read on in this week’s 5 Digital Bites.

More from digital land: US presidential candidates battle online; Earn money from your Tumblr; Three lessons for marketers for success at the Olympics; Don’t prototype just for the sake of prototyping.   

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5 Digital Bites b/f Breakfast: Pokémon’s Digital Rebirth, The Secret of Taste & More

The creators of Pokémon GO spent very little money on advertising and marketing before launching it on 8 Jul. But it has mesmerised the world. Just how did they do it? In this week’s 5 Digital Bites, we explore the wildly successful digital rebirth of Pokémon.

More from digital land: Why we like what we like; Why centered logos hurt user experience; Rise of emoji marketing; What consumers’ think about VR technology; 

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Online to Offline: 3 Case Studies from Around the World

Did you know that eCommerce only accounted for 7% of total retail sales in the USA (src: YCharts)? It’s a remarkably small share of the retail pie. That means most people buy offline at a nearby store. Not at websites.

And increasingly, retailers use digital tactics to drive in-store footfall in the hopes of ringing up customers at the til. But who does it well?

We looked around and found a few.

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A History of Augumented Reality: When Digital & Physical Worlds Converge


As we all know, Pokémon Go has taken over the world. Because of this, Augmented Reality (AR) is now in the spotlight as a medium for the future of branded entertainment.

But is it really a recent phenomenon or does have roots that extend far into the past? Check out our timeline for the answer.

It’s quite surprising.

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Digital Marketing Made Simple

It’s not easy being a digital marketer. Pulling off effective digital marketing campaigns requires the right mix of marketing channels, storytelling tactics, captivating visuals, and data analysis.

Unfortunately, the slowing global economy means that many digital marketers have to execute campaigns and deliver results on a limited budget.

If you’re overwhelmed by the demands of digital marketing, then this post is for you. Digital marketing need not be complicated or expensive. We go back to digital marketing basics and revisit the best practices for an affordable but effective digital marketing campaign.

For more info about why spending on digital marketing is important, check out this post

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