The One Question That Matters Most to Your Target Audience


As marketers, we know the importance of understanding our audiences. We need to find out as much as we can about them and develop detailed buyer personas

However, there is only one question that matters the most to your audience: “Why should I care?” Nail this down, make the answer consistent throughout your marketing collateral, and you will be able to grab your audience’s interest.

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9 Must-Know eCommerce Metrics


"You don't know where you're going until you know where you have been."

This adage also applies to eCommerce success. When things get busy, it's easy to lose sight of the details that matter. How much does your eCommerce site make? Are people coming back to your online store? How long does it take for a customer to make a purchase?

Every result should be measured within a specified timeframe to determine whether your business is moving forward or not. The following performance metrics will help you answer these questions and improve the trajectory of your business. 

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Essential eCommerce Marketing Checklist: Part 2

We've shared with you the basics of building and running an ecommerce website. Now we're giving you the lowdown on how to market it, too.

The first part of our eCommerce marketing guide listed down 24 tips that you could immediately use to boost your website’s performance, but we’re just getting started. We're dishing out more.

Dive into these eCommerce marketing strategies that will drive traffic to your online store, get you the sales you want, and entice customers to keep coming back.

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Construct Digital 2017 Offsite in Bintan: A Sort of Report

The island of Bintan opened itself to us like an oasis that we'd been waiting for. The choppy ferry ride from Tanah Merah to Bandar Bentan Telani Ferry Terminal had rattled us, and while the Construct Digital Singapore and Vietnam teams had taken the catamarans separately, we shared the same sentiment: We just want to be on land. 

But like how it usually is on trips, the sight of our destination was enough to blot out the memory of a somewhat jagged journey. The sea sitting pretty under the sun, trees after trees lining the pathways, sand skirting the shore—what a welcome and delicious view. Our workspaces in Singapore and Ho Chi Minh City seemed worlds away.

We arrived in Bintan on a Friday, 17 February. The weather in the island was perfect, holding the promise of a good time.

We were all ready for the 2017 Construct Digital offsite.

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Keyword Research Tools That We Swear By

No search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy is complete without keyword research.

The challenge is deciding which keyword research tools to use. Google "best keyword research tools" and you’ll get about seven million results. Neil PatelBrian Dean, and about 60 other marketing thought leaders also have their own recommendations.

So, how do you decide which ones to use?

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Essential eCommerce Marketing Checklist: Part 1

You’ve got your online store up and running—now what’s next? Obviously customers will not just flock to your store; you have to earn them. This requires more than just a barebones product page but an ecommerce marketing strategy that attracts customers, keeps them delighted, and sustains their loyalty.

In this eCommerce marketing guide, we list down helpful and actionable tips to boost your online store. As we have so many ecommerce marketing tips to share with you (we're that helpful), we'll divide the guide into two parts. Enter Part One:

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2 Things to Remember When Formulating Your 2017 SEO Strategy

Search Engine Land columnist Stephen Spencer once described SEO as a "shape-shifter." He meant that the practice of SEO evolves so often, best practices get outdated quickly.

A new year has begun and you can expect that by its end, there would be a lot of new (and perhaps unexpected) SEO-related developments. We can’t predict what these developments will be, but with an understanding of where SEO might be headed this year, there are some things you should and shouldn’t do.

In this post, we take a macro view of the SEO landscape and pick out two key points to remember in 2017. 

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Viral Video is Not a Happy Accident: An Interview with Aashish Chopra

Marketers dream of creating viral video content. However, with shorter human attention span and crowded and chaotic newsfeeds, it's difficult to score a viral hit. You only have 10 seconds to make an impression before nearly 20 percent of viewers opt out, so what are the tricks to increase your odds of viral success?

In this blog post, we will unpack the magic behind viral videos by talking to award-winning viral video marketer Aashish Chopra of Ixigo, India's leading travel search marketplace. He has made and marketed many viral videos, one of which reached a staggering 46 million views in two weeks. Aashish will explain what makes a video viral and share his tips and tricks.

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New to SEO? Make The Art of SEO Your Bible

Search is one of those fields that nobody can claim to truly understand.

For one thing, very few people know what Google is up to or can explain how its highly complicated algorithms work. For another, there are too many developments on various fronts to keep up with. Google changes its search algorithms between 500 and 600 times each year, and experiments with over 10,000 changes in that same time.

It’s understandable to feel overwhelmed by the sheer vastness and dynamism of the search! For marketers who want to improve their search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy, but are new to SEO and don’t know where to begin, we have a valuable resource to recommend.

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The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Wordpress eCommerce Website

eCommerce is poised to become a major player in the global retail market, and the Singapore eCommerce industry may make up as much as 6.7% of all retail sales by 2025. And it’s not just giants like Lazada or Redmart that contribute to this figure, as the local marketplace features a multitude of stores selling everything under the sun, from photos printed on wood to all things Singaporean.

One of the best parts about entering the eCommerce world is that it’s easier than ever to do so. There’s a huge array of services that can give you everything you need to set up your online store with only a few clicks. Find a suitable ecommerce platform, you're off to a good start!

In our previous article about what you should consider before building an eCommerce store, we covered several of the best ecommerce platforms to choose from. This time, we zero in on building an online store with WordPress, one of the most popular and flexible solutions for eCommerce. 

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