Bringing a 100-year-old business into the 21st Century.

Digital disrupts a century-old business

With disjointed systems and slow manual processes, Alstra was starting to get complaints from customers who demanded more efficient digital ways to engage with this HVAC behemoth. Having grown over three decades to dominate the HVAC market in the Philippines, Alstra and its parent company, CIC, were struggling to retain their long-standing B2B clientele as these customers began transitioning to a new generation of leaders who preferred dealing with vendors digitally. This provided an opportunity for more digitally savvy competitors to eat into Alstra market share.  Furthermore, internal systems gaps meant that projects were being delayed with no way for management to monitor or control service quality.

Creating a competitive advantage through agile customer engagement

Alstra hoped to transform its business by putting the customer front and center. This meant relooking at all internal processes and customer engagements from the perspective of the customer. We helped Alstra understand its customer pain points and mapped new digital customer journeys, leading to a new brand value proposition for Alstra and a roadmap for digital transformation. But no digital transformation is complete without considering the role of human resources within the organisation. Here we worked closely with their marketing teams to plan and implement modern digital touchpoints and internal workflows for effective marketing.

The future is bright

With a grand vision for business transformation, our Digital Business Strategy team worked closely with Alstra’s senior management and stakeholders across the organisation to develop a relevant brand position and modern customer journeys that will see Alstra into the 21st Century.

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