Personalising the application process for Asia’s No 1 MBA

A customer-centric start to a tailor-made MBA.

What does a tailored MBA actually look like?

Because MBA experiences don’t just happen in the classroom, students want to envision what their lives will look like when they undertake an 18-month programme. Yes, knowing which courses they’ll take is important. But which clubs can they join, which countries can they do an exchange in, what competitions can they win? NUS felt these experiences should be part of the conversation and set out to create an application that shows the full versatility of their MBA programme.

Made to tailor, data-driven

The web-based Programme Builder tool was built using the full NUS MBA course catalogue and padded with details on student clubs, international exchange programmes, internships, and non-academic learning experiences. Prospective students tailored their degree based on their interests and career aspirations. As they filled in the builder tool, recommended electives would pop up based on courses they chose, and the most relevant student clubs would be shown.

Career-based personas for those still exploring

For those who wanted to explore multiple career paths, the Programme Builder tool also came with 7 personas. A student need only select the career and be presented with a full journey including recommended electives, student clubs, and non-academic learning experiences available at NUS.

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