Game-changing growth with an 86% rise in applications

Levelling up demand for lifelong learning in the era of longevity.

Live and learn

Despite the national focus on lifelong learning, NUS SCALE faced several business challenges: an overwhelming course catalogue with over 700 options, an expensive tactical approach to promoting individual courses, and a lack of brand equity. NUS SCALE was overshadowed by SkillsFuture, the frontrunner in the lifelong learning domain. Our job was to help NUS SCALE strategically differentiate itself and establish a distinct brand position.


Powering up learners

With many of us living to 100 and working to 75, cramming all our education before we start working no longer cuts it. The need to embrace a multistage life in the era of longevity was the core insight driving our new, differentiating brand strategy for NUS SCALE.

The creative campaign leans into the design language of gaming to stand out from clichéd category conventions and power our message of Level Up to 100. Our campaign idea was to show how life was once a linear journey and now holds the promise of becoming a longer winding adventure in the era of longevity. By positioning lifelong learning as a way to enter a new world of possibilities and excel in each phase of life, we reinforce NUS SCALE’s reputation as the lifelong learning partner shaping the workforce.

Smashing the high score

We transformed NUS SCALE’s brand strategy away from tactical course-specific ads to focus its efforts on building overall awareness of how it supports lifelong learning in the era of longevity. Applications per module went up 86% year on year, while the number of modules per applicant rose 12.5%.

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