Dominating SEO Rankings in Just 3 Months

Turbocharging SERP visibility by riding on the shoulders of giants.


The quest to race to the top in record time

MultiplierHR, a Professional Employer Organisation (PEO) startup, was looking to acquire relevant traffic for its recently launched website. Appearing on Search Engine Results Page (SERP) 1 of Google for strategic keywords was a good way to get leads and provide the social proof needed to land in the good graces of VCs who could back the new venture. But like all startups, MultiplierHR was on a time crunch. SEO takes time to yield results but the VC pitches were just weeks away.

The search for the quickest route

We had to find a shortcut. As an agency that occasionally dabbles in PR work, we knew the secret power established news sites held. Beyond just being publishers with a captive audience, they also had websites with great SEO value. And it hit us: What if we ride on the shoulders of these giants?

The road less travelled

We zeroed in on high-authority publications that could both cater to our target audience in the HR industry as well as deliver the traction we were looking for. We eventually landed on the perfect vehicle: After just a couple of days of talks with the publication, we developed a content piece that was optimised to rank for our keyword, send readers to the MultiplierHR website, and follow’s editorial guidelines.

The speedy outcome

Less than two hours after publication, our article on landed on SERP-1, Position 1! Within three months of working on MultiplierHR’s website content and authority, we got their brand-new website to rank on both the first and second spots. Within six months of launch, organic traffic was at full throttle—raking in 58 leads and 15 clients in total. And the icing on this cake? MultiplierHR scored a US$4 million VC deal shortly after.

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