Achieving a healthy 355% jump in Monthly Leads

Changing a Conversational AI player into a success story

Overhauling marketing from the ground up

KeyReply is well on its way to becoming Asia’s leader in Conversational AI in the healthcare industry. But to grow their business, they needed to branch outside of their niche with a marketing reinvention at the helm.

Uncovering the gaps

Taking them through a Digital Transformation Workshop was the first step. We found out despite having Marketing Automation and CRM software in place, they’d not managed to unify their Sales and Marketing teams. They also lacked the know-how to scale their marketing efforts

Filling in the spaces

We developed a GTM strategy based on clearly defined steps, goals, buyer personas and industries. Together with the client, we workshopped a key value proposition to guide our messaging, multi-channel demand generation campaigns, website optimisations and a persona-centric content plan.

A marketing transformation realised

From piecemeal executions, we transformed KeyReply’s marketing into a coordinated digital marketing strategy that leveraged the best of Marketing Automation and digital channels. We also streamlined the work of the Marketing and Sales teams, established a solid and scalable foundation for their Marketing and Sales plans for 2021-2022 all while continuing to see strong week-on-week campaign results: a 48% CPL reduction and 355% jump in monthly leads.

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