Turbocharge Your Search Engine Visibility With SVO

SEO taking too long? Race to top of the SERPs with Search Visibility Optimisation.

SVO in a nutshell
Over 90% of online traffic comes from search engines like Google. So if you’re not appearing on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) 1, you’re losing the race to attract more clicks - and customers.

SVO is a brand new proprietary solution from Construct Digital. Similar to SEO, SVO works by going after keywords that are relevant to your business and customers. But unlike SEO that can take over a year to deliver results, SVO draws immediate, maximum impact by strategically placing these keywords in thoughtfully curated content on high domain authority websites—or Publications of Influence as we like to call them—to drive Customers to your domain.
Why Choose SVO?
  • Speed

    You can fast-track your Google search visibility in just weeks, not years.

  • More bang for the buck

    You get more organic, relevant and keyword-focused web traffic for a fraction of the usual SEO budget.

  • Integrated

    You enjoy the best of PR and SEO.

  • Complementary

    You drive more value for your long-term SEO plan.

Why Construct Digital
We consistently push the boundaries of the digital space. With that, we are an award-winning SEO agency for catalysing innovative tactics like SVO while sticking true to our battle-tested methodology.

Our team of specialists has more than 10 years of experience of driving SEO excellence for brands in the B2B and B2C space, which include eCommerce SEO. So whatever your goals are or your industry is—our SEO expertise can get you there.

Our SVO Process

Topics and Keywords Research
Conduct Smart Keyword Research

We understand your business and maximise SEO tools to come up with a list of high-impact keywords that are relevant to you.

Identify The Right Keyword For Targeting
Identify the right keyword for targeting

We narrow down our keyword list to land on a keyword that could get you the most traffic.

Determine Suitable Publications Of Influence
Determine suitable Publications of Influence

We pinpoint high domain authority publications in your industry where we can publish your content.

Create Informative, Meaningful Content
Create informative, meaningful content

We write the keyword-optimised story that would get your audiences’ gears going—complete with backlinks to your website.

Track The Successful Results
Track the successful results

We witness the magic unfold and measure the results against our KPIs.


"It took Construct just 2 weeks to rank our keyword on the top spot; and just under 3 months to get us a positive return on investment. These folks are on a different level when it comes to SEO!"

Sagar Khatri,, CEO - Multiplier



Turbocharging SERP visibility by riding on the shoulders of giants
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