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Team Construct Digital
30 Dec 2016

It’s almost year end!

Our 2016 was a memorable one with plenty of noteworthy achievements. When it comes to our blog, we’ve managed to grow it exponentially since the start of 2016. If you’re new to our blog, or don’t check in regularly, you might have missed out on some of the gems we posted this year.

So here’s a roundup of our best 2016 blog posts. These are posts that are well-received in terms of viewership and clickthroughs, as well as posts that we are just mighty proud of.

ROI in Marketing: Lifetime Value (LTV) & Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

 The relationship between Customer Lifetime Value and Acquisition Cost

Our ROI in Marketing series is our most successful mini-campaign to date. Long after it ended, our campaign offer, the Marketing ROI Reporting Template, continues to get plenty of downloads—a 35.57% landing page submission rate!

This blog post is one of the most viewed posts on the topic of ROI in Marketing. It introduces the Ratio of Customer Lifetime Value to Customer Acquisition Cost (LTV: CAC), why this is a valuable metric for marketers to measure, and how to use it.

Read this post to learn more about this lesser-known, but important, marketing ROI metric.

>> Check out the blog entry here.

3 Content Distribution Mistakes That B2B Marketers Make

Marketing existentialism comic

It seems that many B2B marketers need help with content distribution.

That could explain why this post on three common B2B content distribution mistakes is our second most viewed blog post of 2016. Check it out to see if you are making one of these boo-boos that we often notice among B2B marketers.

Remember: content production is just half the battle won. You can produce the most groundbreaking content in your field, but if that content doesn't get to your target audiences, it’s just a waste of resources.

>> Check out the blog entry here.

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How HCLI Grew Their Contact List by 1,700% with Hubspot & Email Marketing

HR Leaders Programme landing page

Ah, here’s a blog post that makes us swell with pride!

This case study on how we expanded a client’s contact list by 17 times earned us the 2016 HubSpot Impact Award for Client Inbound Growth. We did it all in just six months of engagement.

Here are some things we did that contributed to our client’s success:

  1. Establish a well-coordinated marketing campaign strategy. Previously, the client’s campaigns were run using multiple, unintegrated platforms. That made tracking and analysing results difficult.
  2. Increase their outreach using digital inbound channels. The client used to rely on its existing networks and databases. We helped increase their exposure through new digital channels like paid social media ads.

>> Check out the blog entry here.

Behold, Our New Digital Marketing Budget Allocation Kit!

Calculator and laptop

Ever felt flummoxed by the sheer number of digital marketing channels out there? Or confused by how much of your marketing budget you should spend on each channel?

Our Digital Marketing Budget Allocation Kit can help.

Our developers, designers, and inbound marketers came together to bring marketers this (free!) toolkit to help marketers

  1. Decide how much money to spend on each of six common digital marketing channels.
  2. Understand each of the six common channels, their goals, why they matter, investments required, and associated metrics.

Do give the toolkit a spin!

>> Check out the blog entry here.

A Year of Wins and Wows: Construct Digital Looks Back at 2016 Achievements

Team Construct Digital at the office

Last but not least, here’s a blog post that looks back on our 2016 achievements.

This blog post is a toast to the hard work put in by our dedicated team of digital ninjas, and to the clients who placed their trust in us. Did you know that Construct Digital started out as an agency that focused on website build for larger agencies (hence the “construct” in Construct Digital)? Six years on, our services have expanded to include a full suite of digital services, including content production, SEO, social media, email marketing, and digital advertising.

>> Check out the blog entry here.

Enjoyed Our Blog? More Good Stuff Coming Up in 2017!

Currently, we’re running a series on the eCommerce scene in Singapore. Digital marketing aside, eCommerce is one of our niches. Keep an eye out for our blog posts on all things eCommerce, from payment gateway options to domain registration.

We’re always thinking of ways to share our digital know-how, and our blog is an important platform for engaging with fellow digital specialists and marketers.

If you’ve been following our blog this 2016, thanks for your support! We’ve got more good stuff in the pipeline for 2017. Next year, you can expect more in-depth posts that are backed by intensive research and expert resources. More helpful digital marketing campaigns are in the works, too!

Stay tuned, and here’s to an awesome 2017!
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