5 Digital Bites B/F Breakfast: Facebook’s Latest Algorithm Change, & More

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13 Jul 2016
Dislike missing posts from your friends or relatives because they don’t show up on your Facebook Newsfeed? Fed up by how Facebook has changed into yet another commercialised platform for corporations and businesses to exploit?
We have the answer! At least Facebook does. Read on for the answer. 
In this week’s 5 Digital Bites, we explore how Facebook is cutting traffic by publishers in favour of user-generated content.
In other digital news: Google data studio; Snapchat mulls paying users; Future of marketing; Marketing breakfast.

1) Facebook Puts Users Before Publishers... Finally 

Facebook Puts Users Before Publishers... Finally 

Facebook recently announced that it would be tweaking its Newsfeed algorithm and return to its original mission of connecting people with their friends and families. Thus your posts and my posts would appear more often on Newsfeeds rather than posts from media companies, brands and content farms.

This has worried publishers and marketers. According to Parse.ly, Facebook is still driving a higher percentage of traffic to news sites (41.4 percent) than Google (39.5 percent). With this algorithm change, publishers and marketers will need to derive more traffic from users sharing their stories.

 >> Originally from Recode
Image source: Fang Digital
Shared by Huong Le, Content Marketer

2) Google Data Studio: Visualise Your Google Data for Free! 

Google Data Studio: Visualise Your Google Data for Free! 

Personalisation is possible by studying data on customer preferences and usage trends. That’s how Amazon knows the books that you might like.

In May 2016, Google launched a free version of Data Studio – a data visualisation and reporting platform for individuals and small teams. Data Studio lets you turn your marketing data into beautiful, informative reports that are easy to understand, share and fully customisable.

Some notable Data Studio features:

  • Create dashboards with data from a wide variety of sources, including Google Analytics, Google AdWords and Google Sheets
  • Beyond sharing reports, you can now edit them with others in true collaboration fashion – all in real time
  • Explore interactive data controls, like a date picker and dynamic filters, to make your report interactive for viewers

 Data is the new currency. Don’t miss out.

>> Originally from: Google blog 
Image source: Google blog
Shared by: Chng Nai Yun, Digital Producer

3) Get Paid for Your Content on Snapchat - Someday!


Snapchat is the hottest platform on the planet at the moment, according to this Quartz article. But that’s until the next big thing steals users away.

Snapchat’s answer: Pay people to keep on snapping.

According to a recent patent application, Snapchat has considered a “revenue-sharing” scenario, in which they pay users for content shared on the platform.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, it is.

Companies file patents all the time, and there’s no guarantee that Snapchat will use this one. However, what this does mean for users is that platforms are considering monetising your efforts for better and more popular content.

Cross your fingers. One day, you might just get paid per snap!

>> Originally from: Quartz
Image source: Quartz
Shared by Melanie Lim, Content Marketing Intern

4) The Future of Marketing: 3 Seismic Shifts for Marketers


Are you a marketer, or someone who wants to be a marketer?

Based on current trends, marketers need to make 3 major shifts in thinking and investments in order to succeed in the future. These include:

  • Invest in new skills to manage digital engagement, data, and technology
  • Implement new functions such as Marketing Operations in order to make organisations more effective
  • Leverage technology to form long-term, individualized, durable relationships with customers

Try those and you could just see yourself growing exponentially as a marketer!

>> Originally from: Marketo 
Image source: Marketo
Shared by Melanie Lim, Content Marketing Intern

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5) How Breakfast Became The Most Important Meal Of The Day

How Breakfast Became The Most Important Meal Of The Day

Quick poll: Is breakfast is the most important meal of the day?

If you’ve answered “yes, then you’ve fallen for one of the most successful marketing campaigns by General Foods: Eat a Good Breakfast – Do a Better Job”. The clever slogan changed the world’s view on the importance of breakfast.

That’s why most restaurants & fast food chains advertise their breakfast menu. It’s no coincidence – just good common sense when we are primed to “Eat a Good Breakfast – Do a Better Job”.

>> Originally from: Priceconomics
Image source: Priceconomics
Shared by Dave Teo, Project Manager

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