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Agency That Derive Customer-Focused Action From Data

Unravel powerful insights & analytics and translate them into B2Human marketing initiatives with the data and marketing experts from Construct Digital.

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B2Human Thinking

As B2Human marketers, we don’t see customers as numbers or raw data—we see them as humans with real emotions and sentiments. That’s what we aim to capture.

Results Driven

We’re built to experiment, iterate, and continuously improve your social media strategy—driving the results you want.

Latest Technologies With Experts Behind Them

We have brilliant experts who utilise robust customer data dathering and analytics technologies and are dedicated to translating those into sets of actions that are relevant to your business.

Quick, cost-effective delivery saving customers time & money

We sift through and examine critical data sets to identify opportunity markers with speed and quality that matches your investment.


Award-winning Work

We're continually recognised for turning insights into transformation-led marketing initiatives.

Consumer Acquisition

Reach, influence and acquire new customers with a consumer acquisition strategy that revolve around what makes them tick.

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Consumer Retention Modeling

Lessen customer churn. Nurture and keep your customer base intact with a data-informed retention strategy.

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Consumer Segmentation

Know how to delight specific groups of customers with hyper-relevant messaging and campaigns through consumer segmentation.

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Behavioral & Sentiment Analytics

Improve how you communicate and deliver your services to customers by detecting their feelings and motivations.

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Data Visualisation Services

Demystify and interpret complex data effortlessly with data visualisation to facilitate faster decision-making.

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Data Modelling Services

Transform insights & analytics into tangible business outcomes with conceptual data modelling.

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The Construct Digital team has been a pleasure to work with. Always accommodating and right on target with their digital delivery. We’re extremely pleased to have them as partners.

Jasmine Lim, Project Manager, Saatchi & Saatchi



A customer-centric start to a tailor-made MBA.
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