SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC): Taking a Giant Leap for Analytics

To infinity and b2beyond.
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Client Brief

Despite being in the self-serve analytics market since 2015, SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) did not take off and was eclipsed by its competitors. Fuelled by a lack of awareness and ineffective marketing tactics, SAC found it difficult to propel its core value proposition: data analytics is for everyone.

Construct Digital worked with the client to create brand awareness and a lead generation campaign to help SAC rise from irrelevancy, seek out new leads, and new sales opportunities.

Our Solution

We started off by doing research on our audience and identified a key pain point: the average business user is fearful of data because it takes specialized skills to make sense of it. And in order to sell this complex product, we recognized the need for simple and creative communication to not intimidate our audience. We humanized data and its urgency to business growth, positioning SAC as the rocket that can set off the customers to other-worldly heights. 


To do so, we had to package SAC’s usage and features as simple and relatable. We created a landing page to house all of this information, steered them through localized paid media, and nurtured them using Hubspot and Zapiyo to drive leads.  

In terms of language and creative approach, all of these marketing tactics were created with our space-themed messaging in mind. This reinforced the core idea that SAC can blast businesses off into space—towards the next frontier. 

We took it one step further by cross-selling SAC on “Innovation Agenda” (an SAP innovation thought leadership content hub in Southeast Asia) where we showcased the boundless potential of the product for drawing meaningful insights through “Data Stories”.

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The Reception

The results were stellar. The year-long, hyper-targeted campaign garnered over 13 million impressions across Facebook and LinkedIn and 73k+ clicks. Meanwhile, our customised landing page and lead driving mechanism drove 1,563 signups for the SAP platform at $0.47 CPC, which was significantly lower than the $2.52 benchmark in the B2B sector.

That’s a giant leap right there. 

Moving Forward

Today, we continue to demonstrate the might of SAC as an analytics platform by producing engaging and relevant data Stories on the Innovation Agenda website.


Over 73,000 clicks
13 million impressions across Facebook & LinkedIn
1563 signups
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