B2B Demand

Phone-verified, BANT qualified leads delivered at 88.5% lower CPL

Client Brief

In 2016, one of our B2B clients set themselves a goal of achieving 300 net new leads in the ASEAN region to drive the sales pipeline for their small business ERP product.

By Q3, the target was still a long way off, with the company paying up to $1000 for each BANT qualified lead gathered through traditional demand generation methods.

Our Solution

We at Construct Digital worked with our B2B client to hit their target in a quarter, and we did it by reducing their cost to acquisition by 1800%.

We designed a campaign to offer free 30-day trials to the small business ERP platform in order to attract new SME customers who would have never considered this as their solution of choice.


Our Method

Using a persona-centric approach in our digital media campaign, we targeted two distinct buyer personas: small business owners and family-run businesses. For each persona, we developed messaging that resonated with their business challenges. We also leveraged smart media targeting using search, display, and social media platforms to reach their target audience.

Through selective targeting of media, not only did we bring down the cost per lead from over $1000 to S$115, we also blasted past their original targets to deliver a total of 3700 net new names into their pipeline.

Moving Forward

Today, we continue to support this B2B client as they extend their reach in the SME space. We continue to drive high quality, BANT qualified leads for their sales team by leveraging a sensible digital mix of SEO, video marketing, paid media, and lead nurturing.

88.5% Decrease in Cost Per Lead
Over 3700 Leads Generated
Across 6 Countries
Overwhelming Number of
Qualified Leads
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