The Strategic Workshop Agency to Connect Your Marketing and Business Goals

Bring together different stakeholders to understand your brand and work towards a shared vision.

Align Your Business and Growth Vision
Construct Digital helps you understand your brand, growth vision and key objectives. Strategic workshops are the most effective form of knowledge exchange to build solutions for your complete business transformation. We have the expertise and technology to drive, diagnose and analyse gaps to achieve your key business objectives, find your unique selling points and attain high customer satisfaction.
Identify and Target the Right Audience Segment
Understanding your audience is at the core of formulating your strategy. Through our robust strategic workshops, we understand your audience better by analysing their pain points, which in turn inform your communication strategy. With this approach, you’ll always target the right audience with the right messaging.
Clear and Holistic Go-To-Market Strategy
Through our collaborative workshop sessions,, we build a solid foundation for a holistic go-to-market strategy for your brand. We will identify the USPs and create an effective plan on how to leverage them. By identifying who your target customers are—along with their expectations— we are able to implement the desired action plan in a phased approach.

Our Strategic Workshop Services

Stakeholder Workshop
Stakeholder Workshop

Understand your business requirements and key objectives of business transformation. Our approach involves a series of executive interviews with the key internal stakeholders to better understand the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Value Proposition Workshop

Clearly articulate your product/service, who your customers are, and your unique selling points.

Respect For Everyone
Customer Experience Workshop

Understand your personas and their path to purchase, and focus on optimising the customer experience throughout the customer journey.

Digital Marketing Campaigns
Digital Marketing Workshop

Understand the principles of digital marketing and apply it to your digital marketing activities and engage with your audience.

Business Requirements
Corporate Communication Workshop

Identify opportunities and future scenarios of your business to build a clear vision and engagement plan for your corporate communication.

Inbound Marketing
Inbound Marketing Workshop

Explore inbound marketing techniques and create persona-driven content that educates and nurtures leads throughout their journey.


"It took Construct just 2 weeks to rank our keyword on the top spot; and just under 3 months to get us a positive return on investment. These folks are on a different level when it comes to SEO!"

Sagar Khatri, CEO - Multiplier



NUSS The Graduate Club: Digital Marketing Done Right
Everyone loves a comeback story. From a dwindling membership count, find out how a highly-targeted, multi-channel digital marketing campaign managed to pull NUSS The Graduate Club back on its feet with explosive results.
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