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  • B2Human Thinking
    As B2Human marketers, we transform your social channels and content to be more real, more personal, and more connected.
  • Results Driven
    We’re built to experiment, iterate, and continuously improve your social media strategy—driving the results you want.
  • We Have Our Finger on the Pulse
    With the role of user-generated content set to grow and evolve, we understand how audiences will become part of your brand voice.
  • Award-winning Work
    We’re continually recognised for unleashing our clients’ potential to transform.
Social Media Management
Social Media Management

Engage and build your social communities with a great content strategy backed by data.

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Influencer Campaigns

With word-of-mouth marketing and social proof, influencers help expand your reach in a real and engaging way.

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Digital Marketing Campaigns
Social Media Advertising

Deliver marketing messages, measure impact, and pivot according to the latest insights on audience behaviour on social.

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"It took Construct just 2 weeks to rank our keyword on the top spot; and just under 3 months to get us a positive return on investment. These folks are on a different level when it comes to SEO!"

Sagar Khatri, CEO - Multiplier

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