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Convert more prospects faster than ever by transforming repetitive tasks into revenue-generating automation efforts.

Personalise customer workflows
Marketing automation isn’t limited to email marketing automation. With the right technology in place, coupled by strategic thinking, you can stay connect with your prospects and customers like never before by personalising your customer workflows.
Streamline sales and marketing processes
Running a business and driving growth opportunities through multiple marketing campaigns is time-consuming. With marketing automation, your sales and marketing teams will spend less time managing leads and more time closing deals. That means higher conversion rates and increased revenue in the bag.

We at Construct Digital know marketing technology that gets the job done inside out.
Integrate data and analytics
Marketing automation platforms generate tons of customer data points that can be valuable for segmenting prospects and making smarter decisions. And because these marktech typically integrate with CRM solutions, you get a higher level view of your pipeline.

Construct Digital is a HubSpot Certified and Salesforce partner digital marketing agency. Our deep background of the martech side and the end customer can help you make the most out of you gather.

List of Digital Advertising services

Marketing Automation
Marketing Automation

Build workflows to automate your marketing and sales processes with the latest martech tools.

Email Automation
Email Automation

Grow your email list without manually adding new subscribers and use templates to easily craft personalised messages that fit your brand with ease.

Digital Marketing Automation
Digital Marketing Automation

Automate blog posts, social media, and chat flows and spend more time growing your business with the latest marketing technology.


"It’s a great pleasure working with the team at Construct Digital on our campaigns and recent Marketing Transformation. It’s a great team of specialists in different areas who always offer great support and are willing to go the extra mile. We maintain a great working relationship, and we hope to work together on many upcoming projects."

Peiru Teo, KeyReply

"Previously, most of our contacts came from tapping into our own networks and database. We did not know how to expand this list until Construct Digital provided us with the necessary tools and knowledge?"

Annette Heitmann, HCLI Singapore

"It has been a great pleasure working with the team at Construct Digital on our recent digital project for 11 of our Asia Pacific markets. Construct Digital has consistently provided good and timely technical and strategic counsel regarding our project's needs. We maintain a great working relationship largely due to the professionalism of the account management team."

Charlotte Teo, Tupperware Brands Asia Pacific



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