Shortlisted for 6 Marketing Excellence Awards in 2021

Charanjit Singh
22 Oct 2021

Well done Team Construct. After our 3 wins at this year's Markies Awards, we're very pleased to announce that we have been shortlisted for 6 awards at the Marketing Excellence Awards 2021. 

Markies 2021 Wins


Final Results will be out in November but we couldn't wait til then to share this news with our clients and colleagues. With our focus on B2B Digital Marketing, its great that we are being recognised for the work we do for our B2B clients like KeyReply, MultiplierHR, Givaudan and Duke-NUS.

Without further ado, here is the list of clients and awards we have been shortlisted for:

Category Client Organisation/ Name of Client Campaign Name of Brand
Excellence in Marketing Transformation
KeyReply KeyReply Marketing Transformation KeyReply
Excellence in Search Marketing MultiplierHR Search Visibility Optimisation MultiplierHR
Excellence in Pivot Marketing Exceed Sports Glow Festival Glow On
Excellence in Event Marketing Exceed Sports Glow Festival Glow On
Excellence in B2B Marketing Givaudan Givaudan PIC B2B Givaudan
Excellence in Marketing to a Specific Audience NUS Admissions Campaign Duke-NUS

I am particularly excited about the KeyReply nomination which is showcases our ability to help client's with the Digital Transformation programs.

With KeyReply, we helped modernise their Marketing operations with a comprehensive Digital Marketing Strategy with an integrated creative and media strategy along with a modernisation of their Marketing Technology stack. We see this as the future of our agency and you'll hear more on this from us shortly. In the meantime, you can learn more about our approach to Marketing Transformation here.

Besides KeyReply, we did some very unique SEO-related work for MultiplierHR, bringing a new Concept of Search Visibility Optimisation to market with this success story.

'Nuff said for now. We look forward to the awards show in November and we're keeping our fingers crossed.

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