10 Cool AI Tools Every Marketer Should Know

Inah Espinola
16 Jun 2023

10 More Cool AI Tools Every Marketer Should Know


Hey there, marketing friends! In our last blog, we talked about 10 ChatGPT plugins that can supercharge your productivity. But we all know AI is constantly evolving and becoming more sophisticated. So there are new and innovative AI tools being created all the time. 

And as marketers, it's important to stay up-to-date on the latest trends so that we can use these tools to our advantage. So today, we’re sharing 10 more AI tools we’ve been exploring recently that you should consider including in your marketing arsenal.

Merlin AI

Merlin AI continues to evolve, now offering integration with more platforms beyond Google Chrome. It's not just about email responses anymore; it's about automating communication across various channels. If you're looking to save time without losing the personal touch, Merlin AI might be your magic wand.


Notion's AI feature is no longer in beta, and it's making waves. From automating meeting agendas to crafting social media posts, Notion's AI capabilities are turning it into a must-have tool for marketers aiming for efficiency and creativity.


LinkedIn outreach is a breeze with Taplio. Its AI-powered lead generation solution now includes advanced analytics, allowing you to track the success of your campaigns and refine your strategies. Say goodbye to tedious copy-pasting and hello to smarter networking.


Bhuman.AI is taking video outreach to new heights. They recently launched a new feature called Persona, a tool that allows you to clone yourself by learning your face and voice so that it can recreate it in conversations with other people. It's not just about names and company details; it's about creating a unique experience for each viewer.


Brandmark is more than a logo creator. It's a complete branding solution that uses AI to understand your brand's essence and translate it into a visual identity. From logos to colour schemes, Brandmark is a one-stop shop for startups looking to make a mark.


Durable's AI-driven website generation platform now includes e-commerce capabilities. Create a fully functional online store with tailored content in seconds. It's not just about saving time; it's about opening new doors for your business.


Adcreative.ai is pushing the boundaries of ad creation. With new features like AI-driven audience targeting, it's not just about making ads; it's about making ads that resonate. Enhance your campaigns with visuals and copy that speak directly to your audience.


Text.com simplifies content creation by providing AI-generated writing assistance. Marketers can generate blog posts, articles, and social media captions using AI, reducing the time spent on manual content creation. Text.com enables marketers to deliver consistent and engaging content at scale.


Transcribing and note-taking during meetings or brainstorming sessions can be time-consuming. Otter.ai offers real-time transcription services powered by AI, automating the process and saving valuable time for marketers. This tool enhances collaboration and ensures accurate documentation of important discussions.


Analysing and optimising marketing campaigns to become more efficient with Rewind. This AI tool analyses historical data to identify trends, patterns, and opportunities for improvement. By leveraging AI-driven insights, marketers can make data-backed decisions and refine their strategies effectively.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is shaking up the marketing world. AI-powered tools are helping marketers automate tasks, generate creative content, and analyse data more efficiently. By adopting the tools we shared above, you can potentially unlock new levels of productivity, efficiency, and profitability. Explore them, embrace them, and let us know which ones become your new favourites. Happy AI marketing!

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