10 ChatGPT plugins to supercharge every Marketer's productivity

Inah Espinola
19 May 2023

The world of search and information retrieval is undergoing a seismic shift. As Google faces challenges to its dominance, a new era dawns with the release of OpenAI's ChatGPT plugins. These groundbreaking plugins have the potential to transform the way marketers operate, boosting productivity and providing unprecedented access to knowledge. 

In this article, we explore ten game-changing ChatGPT plugins that will reshape the marketing landscape.

AskYourPDF: Unlocking the secrets of PDFs

Bid farewell to scouring lengthy PDFs as AskYourPDF empowers you to effortlessly extract key insights. Share a PDF link, and ChatGPT summarises its contents, delivering accurate answers to specific questions. From important dates to critical facts, this plugin ensures vital information is at your fingertips.

Wolfram Alpha: Infusing AI with powerful computation

Enhance ChatGPT's capabilities with the Wolfram Alpha plugin. Grant ChatGPT access to curated knowledge, real-time data, and advanced computation, enabling you to conduct accurate mathematical calculations, analyse data, and create dynamic visualisations.

Ambition: Navigating job opportunities with ease

Say goodbye to tedious job searches as Ambition revolutionises the process by swiftly scanning millions of online job openings. Specify desired roles, and ambition presents the most promising opportunities. Save time and focus on advancing your career.

Zapier: Streamlining workflows within ChatGPT

Simplify and automate tasks seamlessly with the Zapier plugin. You will no longer need to switch between different tools and platforms. By integrating Zapier directly into ChatGPT, you can delegate tasks from email automation to database updates using concise instructions, saving precious time and effort.

Prompt Perfect: Crafting the ideal prompt

Crafting the perfect prompt can be challenging, but not anymore. Prompt Perfect assists you in extracting precisely what they seek from ChatGPT. Generate optimal prompts tailored to your needs, ensuring ChatGPT delivers accurate and efficient answers.

Link Reader: Unlocking insights from any content

Gaining insights from diverse content types is now effortless with the Link Reader plugin. Whether it's a website, news article, or Word document, ChatGPT reads and provides detailed answers to your questions. Seamlessly integrate information from various sources into your marketing strategies.

edX: Elevating knowledge with top universities

Never stop learning with the edX plugin. Access a wealth of educational content and courses from esteemed institutions like Harvard and MIT, all within ChatGPT. Stay ahead of the curve, expand your expertise, and fuel your marketing endeavours with the latest insights and cutting-edge knowledge.

Video Insights: Unveiling the essence of online videos

Unleash the power of video content with the Video Insights plugin. Share links from platforms like YouTube, and ChatGPT provides summarised insights within seconds. Extract key points, highlights, and valuable information without the need to watch lengthy videos, maximising efficiency.

ScholarAI: Illuminating science with peer-reviewed data

Ignite scientific pursuits with the ScholarAI plugin. Access reliable, peer-reviewed scientific data instantly. Stay informed about the latest research developments, enrich marketing strategies with evidence-based insights, and bring a new level of credibility to your work.

Tutory: Education at your fingertips

Expand knowledge and enhance skills with tutoring. This plugin grants you access to affordable, on-demand tutoring and education.

As the competition intensifies between ChatGPT and Google's BARD, it's evident that AI-powered tools have become indispensable for you seeking an edge in the ever-evolving industry. The ChatGPT plugins presented here offer a glimpse into the immense possibilities that AI brings to the table. By embracing these transformative tools, you can supercharge productivity, gain valuable insights, and stay ahead of the curve.

We’ll share more articles on the exciting AI tools that are set to reshape the marketing landscape. Stay tuned!

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