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Understand the challenges and spot opportunities to win in one of the world’s largest consumer market.

Achieve your marketing objectives and KPIs
China is home to the world’s biggest online consumers, making it an extremely attractive market to grow your business. But China marketing has stark differences from how the rest of the world does it, and we can help you move around these distinct challenges.

With a footprint on this online space, we help you streamline your Chinese brand communications and grow your brand through digital marketing channels like WeChat, Weibo, Baidu, Tencent, Tencent QQ, Douyin, Toutiao and more.
Keep up with rapidly changing customer expectations with speed and precision
Chinese consumers are evolving their purchasing activities and digital behaviours. Are you equipped to keep up with the trends driving consumption with an understanding of China's complex environment?

With regional footprints across Asia, we've delivered some of the most game-changing digital marketing campaigns for our clients with speed and precision. We constantly examine what changes in China's digital landscape and we work quickly to drive transformative results with best-in-class digital advertising and digital marketing campaigns at the speed of your customers.

List of China Marketing services

Digital Campaign Solutions

Deliver your ads where users spend their time and prospective Chinese customers can be found.

Digital Marketing Campaigns
Digital Marketing Campaigns

Implement digital marketing campaigns driven by insights on the Greater Chinese market and execute using tools to achieve the best results.

Media Planning
Media Planning

Get tailored, precise media plans for the growth that you need.

Media Buying
Media Buying

Work with media buying experts who know what works, as well as where best to channel your media spend at the lowest possible rates.


Improve your ranking and organic search traffic to cement your online position with our Baidu SEO service.


Leverage the power of paid Baidu SEM to drive traffic and grow business leads with our media buying specialists.


Supercharge your user visits, enquiries and conversions with Chinese PPC campaigns on Baidu–China’s leading search engine.

Display Ads
Display Ads

Deliver creative, targeted digital ads specific to WeChat, Weibo and other leading Chinese social media and e-commerce platforms.

Display Campaigns
Display campaigns

Want to take advantage of Baidu marketing or looking to start WeChat campaigns? We design insight-driven digital campaigns powered by rich visuals and precise media planning in China.

Programmatic Advertising
Programmatic advertising

With our extensive media partners and strategic approach to programmatic advertising, save tons of time on reaching your Chinese audiences while making real-time decisions.

Native Advertising
Native advertising

Make it big online with engaging native ads that seamlessly blend with China’s most popular digital channels such as Weibo, Toutiao and Tencent.

App Ads
App ads

Reach your desired Chinese target audience on China’s unique mobile app market with carefully crafted app ads.

Video Ads
Video ads

Maximise eyeballs from video marketing with fully localised video ads to Chinese video platforms such as Youku, iQiyi, Baidu Video and Video Sina.

Email Marketing
Email marketing

Send effective, on-message marketing emails that meet China marketing’s complex anti-spam regulations.

Marketing Automation
Marketing Automation

Make your China marketing work harder with less effort and time spent by empowering it with marketing automation.


"It’s a great pleasure working with the team at Construct Digital on our campaigns and recent Marketing Transformation. It’s a great team of specialists in different areas who always offer great support and are willing to go the extra mile. We maintain a great working relationship, and we hope to work together on many upcoming projects."

Peiru Teo, KeyReply

"Previously, most of our contacts came from tapping into our own networks and database. We did not know how to expand this list until Construct Digital provided us with the necessary tools and knowledge?"

Annette Heitmann, HCLI Singapore

"It has been a great pleasure working with the team at Construct Digital on our recent digital project for 11 of our Asia Pacific markets. Construct Digital has consistently provided good and timely technical and strategic counsel regarding our project's needs. We maintain a great working relationship largely due to the professionalism of the account management team."

Charlotte Teo, Tupperware Brands Asia Pacific



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