Social Campaigns

How we rallied consumers under a common goal

Client Brief

Supermarket chain Giant, a leading mass-retailer known for unbeatable value, came to us with a challenge: lack of brand affinity with their consumers. Their competitors were also competing directly with their price points, which had always been their advantage.

Such a problem required a creative solution—Giant needed to stand out from the competition beyond the price tag.

Our Solution

We conceptualised and launched Giant Super Savers Club (GSSC) in June 2017—a members-only rewards programme aiming to build greater cognition with their target market through a dedicated Facebook and webpage.

Realising that this move presents a late entry to the scene where competitors had already established communities, we needed a different "stand-out" factor. This gave birth to "Lobang Queen," a carefully crafted persona that humanised the brand in order to resonate with the core Giant audience of heartland: housewives looking for the best deals.


Moving Forward

Building on that, in October 2017, we launched "Kiasu Town,"  the now viral, award-winning campaign that sought to name and reward the most "kiasu" town in Singapore. This page remains the most viewed page in Giant’s digital history.

In order to realise marketing objectives by Giant, we used solutions covering strategy, project management and of course, technology.

View the campaign video below for more details!

57,000 quiz submissions during
campaign period
Over 5,000,000 Facebook
82% increase in Facebook
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