NUS Business School

A transformative digital marketing strategy for a transformative MBA experience.

Caught in a sea of sameness

MBA programmes are a dime a dozen. There are almost as many choices as there are reasons for getting one. NUS Business School prides itself on offering transformative MBA experiences. But their traditional, one-size-fits-all marketing approach wasn’t getting this message across to its intended audience.


Widening the net

To market three distinct MBA programmes across three diverse markets, we had to transform NUS Business School’s digital marketing strategy. By looking at past market research and campaign data, our data and strategy teams knew differentiation was key. So we designed a persona-driven, multi-channel strategy that targeted seven unique personas with relevant content and optimised creative assets that matched them with the right MBA programme, at every stage of their journey.

A transformation that surpassed expectations

Our hyper-personalised messaging and carefully planned lead-nurturing programme paid off. We attracted and converted an unprecedented number of qualified prospects to embark on a transformative MBA journey with NUS Business School—391%, 398% and 588% increase in month leads for MBA, EMBA and UCLA, respectively—at a significantly lower CPL for each programme.

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