Introducing the Data Team at Construct Digital: Analysts who Discover Data-Driven-Solutions to Complicated Problems

Guang Yi
08 Mar 2019

It’s time you got introduced the hard-hitting thinkers and fact-driven problem solvers of our team! We apply data-driven analysis and rigorous reasoning to break down our clients’ persistent business issues, and guide the agency towards communication strategies that, simply work.

Hello I'm Guang Yi, Marketing Analyst at Construct Digital. Today, as precursor to some exciting things we will be rolling out in the next few months, I'd like to introduce you to the data team. 

 Consatruct Digital Data Team

Why does Construct Digital have a data team?

You see, classic consumer research, done in the form of focus groups and surveys, usually leads to qualitative and anecdotal insights, rather than impartial and actionable quantitative data.

When the recent data science boom in made data-driven decision making the golden standard in marketing and business, stakeholders began to require more statistics and analysis to inform their strategies.

When Construct Digital recognised this gap, we decided to expand the capabilities of the Strategy department to better serve our clients. Thus, our team was borne, as an extension to our already-established strategy team. 


What do you do in Construct Digital? 

Our data team supports account strategy and planning, including know-your-customer (KYC) projects and building customer personas. We also analyse ongoing campaigns to discover new opportunities and ways to optimise for better results. 

For example, a B2B client recently expressed a strong need to enrich the profiles in their user database, and to better integrate their various pipelines for all future incoming data. 

To address this, we executed data-mining for publicly available information, merged data from multiple streams, ran rounds of data cleaning, and built custom information architecture.

As a result of these efforts, clients now has a holistic view of the customer data and audience analysis, allowing them to view the influencers and decision makers in their target organisations. With a better idea of their customers and audience, not only can they optimise their email targeting—they can also do multi-level selling, which is crucial in B2B sales as multiple stakeholders are involved in a purchase decision.


We're the data team. We love doing crunches. Data crunches.

construct_illustration_edwin-1 .    construct_illustration_guang_yi-1

Meet Edwin and myself, Guang Yi.

With 10 years of content writing and editorial work and a comprehensive academic background in computing, my boss, our Strategy Director, Edwin Tam, has Content Strategy and Data Analytics as his two core areas of Expertise.

As a seasoned content creator and strategist, he understands how various content elements fit within the larger context of marketing, and provide solutions to address problems in other domains. For example, he is currently applying natural language processing (NLP) techniques to analyse legal affidavits and build AI tools that predict the outcomes of legal proceedings.

As a Marketing Analyst, I bring to the table a deep understanding of statistics, analytics, supply chains, and sales psychology. I am always ready to apply my expertise to serve brands in the FMCG, Financial, Biomedical, Oil & Gas, F&B, and Education industries.


Data within the agency.

Their individual expertise and baseline knowledge are the hallmarks of what Construct Digital looks out for in hiring (view our careers page). Construct looks out for and hires T-shaped persons: individuals with at least area of deep expertise, and a broad-based understanding of other disciplines, much like myself!

In a similar fashion, strategists and other team members that support data-driven projects at Construct are required to have a good understanding of the broader context of all marketing endeavours. It allows our agency to deliver comprehensive solutions that integrate well within our clients’ organisations.


"So what?"

Why are we telling you this? The data team will be launching the Data Learning Centre, a free resource that aims to educate users on 4 core tenets of data, which we believe impact digital marketing activations. These are: Business Intelligence, Marketing Automation, Opinion Mining and CRM. We invite you enrol into the course, and see for yourself how data can supercharge your business. 

I'll personally be guiding you through the upcoming courses via video explainers and walk-throughs, set to be released on the 14 of March 2019, so keep a look out for that! I look forward to seeing you in the coming weeks!


- - -

Data Learning Centre Articles Banner

The Data Learning Centre, a 4-topic video course presented in bite-sized walkthroughs, featuring downloadable accompanying assets, launches the first topic on 'Business Intelligence' on 20 March 2019. For more information, click here. Subscribe now for instant access and notifications when the resource is launched!

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