Driving AI Transformation: A Roadmap for Business Leaders

Charanjit Singh
15 Oct 2023

In the past year, my journey into AI strategy for Construct Digital has been anything but linear. As I ventured into this domain, I quickly realised that AI, while transformative, is also complex and not just for me. The real challenge? Steering an entire organisation towards what some might call "AI Utopia."

So, how am I approaching this? What insights have I gleaned that could benefit other business leaders?

The AI Transformation Roadmap: A Guiding Light

Before diving headlong into building an AI Strategy (though I admit I tried), I Intuitively adopted a multi-tiered approach that coincides very nicely with Andrew Ng's AI Transformation Roadmap. This roadmap recommends five key initiatives. While there's no strict order to tackle these, I'd advise against starting with the strategy. Each initiative is a puzzle; understanding them holistically is crucial before trying to lock down a strategy. For those uncomfortable with the lack of a framework, the roadmap I describe below will be music to our years as it provides a structured, although somewhat sporadic, approach to adopt.

    1. Gaining Momentum with Pilot Projects: Starting with tangible, smaller projects can be beneficial. Our AI SEO Meta Tag Generator is a prime example showcasing how AI turned a 40-hour job into a two-day automation task. We're also working on an enterprise-wide Chatbot powered by OpenAI's ChatGPT API, with the aim of offering this solution to our clients soon.

    2. Building a Core In-House AI Team: AI transformation isn't just about technology; it's about people. We're shaping a team structure at Construct that ensures collective responsibility and excitement around AI. This includes an AI Leader, a foundational tech team, and AI Practitioners from various business departments.

    3. Broad AI Training: A Necessity, Not a Luxury: To truly harness AI, an organisation-wide understanding is essential. Our training approach is tiered:
      • Executive Level: Leaders guide strategies, so a foundational grasp of AI is crucial.
      • Organisational Level: We emphasise skills like prompt engineering to ensure a unified approach.
      • Craft Level: Tailored tools and methods for specific teams ensure hands-on AI adoption.
    4. Crafting a Forward-Thinking AI Strategy: Starting with a strategy might seem like the logical first step in many ventures, but laying the groundwork is paramount when it comes to AI transformation. Our approach is tiered, beginning with the leadership team. Together, we delve into key value drivers and macro trends, ensuring that we're not just reacting to the AI wave but actively shaping our trajectory. The role of senior executives in this journey cannot be overstated.

      Their first task is to fully comprehend the myriad opportunities and the tangible value AI offers. This foundational understanding not only shapes the direction of our AI initiatives but also determines their intensity and reach. Beyond mere recognition, executives are entrusted with the crucial responsibility of identifying where AI can be most impactful.

      This isn't just about spotting potential AI applications; it's about crafting a clear vision, and guaranteeing that every facet of the organisation is aligned. A pivotal component of our strategy is discerning the optimal integration of AI within the agency's operations. This ensures that our strategic path is not just in tune with AI's capabilities but is also poised to harness its transformative potential to the fullest.

    5. Communication: The Pillar of AI Transformation: Open dialogue is critical. Internally, our 'Brownbags' sessions have ignited interest. Externally, our "The Marketer's AI Advantage Newsletter" and blog position us at the forefront of AI discussions. Our podcast, TransformAsians, aligns with our broader transformation narrative, emphasising the innovative spirit of Asia

In Closing 

AI is transformative, but the journey towards harnessing its full potential is long and arduous. The AI Transformation Roadmap has been my compass, guiding Construct Digital through the complexities of AI Transformation. While I don't claim to have all the answers, I believe in the power of collective learning and adaptation.

To my fellow business leaders, I invite you to delve deeper into our approach and share your insights. Together, we can demystify AI and truly harness its potential for business success.

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