Digital Transformation 101: Setting Up Today's Businesses for Future Success

Inah Espinola
12 May 2020

With the world’s integral brands being providers of digital services, the time to adopt a new business paradigm is now. You can only safeguard your company’s survival by keeping abreast of the established trend of digital transformation.

Through this digital transformation guide, you’ll learn the ins and outs of rebuilding your business from the ground up to stay at par with the global standard through understanding the terminology, grasping the impact, identifying the key factors, and the step-by-step method.



Spotlight on Digital Transformation

Many businesses have an incomplete understanding of the digital realm at best, which keeps them from facilitating the changes that need to happen to keep up with their competition. Even worse, business owners often fail to understand the advantages that necessitate digital transformation in the first place.

Any entrepreneur who wants to fulfil digital transformation must also be able to identify the key trends that result in digital-driven boosts in productivity, customer satisfaction, and quality of life.


It is a must for business owners to understand that digital transformation is a comprehensive process that requires the implementation of various technologies—from big data, machine learning—to the use of the cloud.

These technologies can work in concert to elevate any business to new heights of profitability while providing satisfying and secure transactions to customers.

Rewiring Business Models

Businesses are on the cusp of a whirlwind of changes, the magnitude of which hasn’t been seen since the earliest computers swept the world. The culmination of various technologies promises a revolution in how people do business from all angles.

This means that the old models will have to go out of the window. Outcome-based models have already replaced time and effort as the truest measure of value. New markets spring into being every day, requiring businesses to be always on the lookout for emergent revenue streams.

Digital products and services alone provide a potential for growth that can outdo their analog counterparts in many cases. This ecology also cultivates ever-growing competition to provide solutions to digital-based problems.



Customers are always hungry for a better product, and the digital revolution has enabled a constant stream of ever-evolving products to consume.

What sets the best businesses apart? Truly exceptional customer service is a bar that has long been set above simple customer service centers. Today’s businesses preempt customer issues with proactive solutions on top of keeping their finger to the pulse of their user base.

On the other side of the coin, the employees who shoulder the pressures of this digital age require methodologies and systems that facilitate their work, not hinder it.

What does this all mean for you, the entrepreneur? Much is asked, which only drives the imperative for digital transformation.

The Lesson Starts Now

Revolution is upon us. From the enforcement of work from home environments to the rising customer preference for digital stores from brick-and-mortar establishments, a business will only find it more and more difficult to survive without digital transformation.

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