Data@Construct: Forge Better Decisions

Edwin Tam
10 Jan 2018

Does this sound familiar?

“I feel that we should do this.”

OK. What’s it based on?

“My gut.” 

WTF smiley

It’s all good when picking a place for lunch. But if our decisions can make or break a campaign, product, or business—we should do better than just relying on "my gut."

Don’t get me wrong. Intuition (aka our gut) is a great start in solving problems. But intuition is fickle and undependable. It sways with emotions, circumstances, and over-emphasises what we know. We could do better, like so:

Intuition Tempered by Reason, Analysis, and Data makes Better Decisions  

Hence Data@Construct.

I want to help you forge better decisions. Decisions that you—as marketers—make every day and every campaign: where to spend your media monies; going after the right prospects; finding those right influencers for your product; creating marketing messages that they all care about; and more.

We use Data Science tools and methods to find, source, and extract actionable insights to help you make better decisions.

But anyone can talk a good game. To show expertise and ability—now that is something else. As my professor once said, “The proof is in the pudding.” 

That advice, we take to heart, and let us show you how next.

Our Proof and Pudding: Weekly Data Analytic Experiments

Each weekly data analytics experiment focuses on solving a digital marketing problem with data analytic models, methods, or visualisations. We expect our experiments to fail as often as we’d succeed. But that’s almost irrelevant.

We want to show what we’ve done, what we can do, and—in the process—unearth insights to increase your digital marketing effectiveness. Hopefully, you'll find this ever-growing list of experiments useful in your marketing work. 

11 Jan 2018: Milk and Cornflakes – Finding Bundles of Joy with Time-Series Analytics
You know what’s being sold and how much is being sold every day. What if you could use that product transaction data to improve your marketing and sales ROI? This experiment uses Dynamic Time Warping (a Time-Series Analysis) to unearth product time-based behaviours to identify marketing focuses and sales opportunities. It's also used in fraud detection, logistics, urban planning, and speech and image recognition.  

18 Jan 2018: Know your Customers: A Data Analytics Framework
Know your customers and you'll know your prospects. Whenever we do business with a customer, we collect data from them. How best can we make use of the data that we have collected? We have designed and built a Customer Analytics framework that will help us identify who, what, and — most importantly — why.

22 Jan 2018: B2C eCommerce: Know Your Customers, Inlcuding Those Whom You'll Never Meet
eCommerce websites are a treasure trove of data. What insights should we look for when sieving through their customer data? An application of our Customer Analytics Framework.


Data@Construct: Forge Better Decisions

We run weekly Data Science Experiments to help marketers use data to increase their Digital Marketing ROI and Effectiveness. Sometimes we’ll do wacky stuff, sometimes we’ll focus on common business and marketing problems, but always, we’ll share our learnings here on our blog.

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