Construct Digital’s Year of Wins in 2018: Now Ranking Amongst Singapore’s Best Independent Digital Agencies

Jan Mascarina
28 Jan 2019

2018 was a year of rapid growth, momentous wins and courageous steps to reinvent, modernise and go toe-to-toe with industry behemoths. Here's a quick video recap of what went down in 2018 for what today stands as among Singapore's finest independent digital marketing agencies.



Practicing what we preach: our agency's inbound marketing efforts drives new traffic milestones.

It's no secret that we are big espousers of inbound and content marketing. This sustained and continued effort to push quality content our audiences care about has helped us generate over 3.2 million impressions over the span of a year.

We ran our website through Alexa (the leading platform that provides web traffic data, global rankings, and other information on 30 million websites) against our competitors, and found that Construct Digital was among the most trafficked independent agency sites in the last 3 months (based on Alexa Traffic Rank).



Here are the rankings pulled as of January 24 2019.

Rank Agency Alexa Global Rank
1 Construct Digital 689,485
2 Impossible Marketing 811,457
3 Happy Marketer 907,976
4 MediaOne 913,240
5 Hakuhodo 918,785
6 Nurun 941,092
7 Gyro 1,042,417
8 Flok 1,097,713
9 Hashmeta 1,783,817
10 Blast Radius 2,002,877
11 Carbon Interactive 2,036,047
12 Vertic 2,221,146
13 Mediaplus Digital 2,308,188
14 Ice Cube Marketing 2,415,038
15 Clickr Media 2,460,214
16 Amber Creative 2,549,859
17 Fixx Digital 2,552,619
18 Purpleclick 2,667,330
19 WE! Interactive 2,734,532
20 IH Digital 2,820,814
21 Adelphi Digital 2828042
22 The Secret Little Agency 2,830,483
23 GOODSTUPH 2,891,123
24 Mediatropy 2,963,727
25 Mutant Communications 3,503,116
26 Dog 3,648,520
27 Arcade 3,716,718
28 Section 3,894,485
29 Clickworkz 4,061,639
30 Splash Interactive 4,142,466
31 KataLystM 4,641,464
32 Salween Group 4,912,840
33 ADK Singapore 5,185,508
34 BLK J 5,323,850
35 Moonshot 5,373,745
36 GOVT 5,432,469
37 xpointo 5,785,203
38 Notion Age 5,810,787
39 Convertium 5,965,434
40 YourSite 6,264,737
41 Wild Advertising & Marketing 6,516,207
42 Marketlight  6,534,310
43 OldMan 6,889,883
44 Hashtag Interactive 7,008,535
45 Roots Digital Media Pte Ltd 7,173,672
46 Splash Creative 7,303,256
47 Twospuds 7,305,968
48 Blak Labs (Agency Blak) 7,426,651
49 Goodfellas 8,588,473
50 Formul8 8,683,419 

We acknowledge that traffic numbers alone do not give the entire picture of a website's performance (and that Alexa numbers are indicative estimates). However, when combined with other efforts we had in the year like a brand refresh (Fact: this caused a significant site rank and traffic dip, as Google had re-indexed all our site pages), it does look like that our inbound methodology is paying off. 

When choosing your next agency, consider the fact that Construct Digital does not only preach inbound and search marketing to its clients, but applies it internally as well. Our industry awards in inbound and search (where we were recognised twice in 2018) truly exemplify our inbound know-how.



Speaking of a brand refresh: Construct Digital launches a new look with the mantra: New, Bold. Now.



Coinciding with the 8th anniversary of Construct Digital opening its first permanent office doors, we rolled out a brand refresh which included a refreshed visual and brand identity, a unified communications strategy and a revamped website. 


We won 4 different prestigious industry awards in 2018, as testament to our good work. 

In 2018, we won awards from 4 different award ceremonies, recognising the excellent work we are delivering to our clients, and cementing our position as one of Singapore's best independent digital agencies. 

Construct Digital Agency Marketing Awards 2018


We welcomed many new faces, and gave them reasons to smile (through the work!).

We've had over 372 work from home days, and recognised multiple people with steady points (we give this out to someone who's demonstrated steady characteristics that embody our company values) to the tune of 734 points. 

We've also kept to celebrating monthly birthdays and regular monthly events. In December, we had a gift exchange and karaoke night.


AgencyLife-Activities-004 AgencyLife-Activities-012 AgencyLife-Activities-014
AgencyLife-Activities-015 AgencyLife-Activities-006 AgencyLife-Activities-007
AgencyLife-Activities-009 AgencyLife-Activities-002 AgencyLife-Activities-011
AgencyLife-Activities-005 AgencyLife-Activities-008 AgencyLife-Activities-010
AgencyLife-Activities-001 AgencyLife-Activities-017 AgencyLife-Activities-016



If this looks fun to you, then check out our careers page. We're always looking for new talent to join our ever-growing team. You could be the next new face we welcome into our family of digital natives in 2019. 



Year In Retrospect 2019 v2

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