AI Learning for Marketers: Kickstart Your Journey Today

Charanjit Singh
12 Sep 2023

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as a force multiplier, transforming industries and redefining customer experiences. For marketers, understanding AI is no longer a futuristic ideal; it's a necessity.

With the right knowledge, AI can unlock unprecedented insights, automate tedious processes, and hyper-personalise customer interactions. If you're a marketer wondering where to start or how to harness the full potential of AI, you're in the right place. This guide will walk you through the essentials of AI learning, from online courses to community engagements, ensuring you're well-equipped to integrate AI into your marketing strategies and soar above the competition.


Where to begin your AI Learning journey

Online Courses

To truly grasp the core concepts of AI, structured online courses are invaluable. Platforms like **Coursera** offer a plethora of courses tailored for beginners. A notable course to consider is Deep Learning Specialization by, which provides an in-depth understanding of deep learning, its applications, and the tools to implement it. But this may be too complex for a beginner.

For beginers, who want a broad understanding to AI from a business impact perspective,'s  'AI for All' is best in class. You can also check out some courses we recommend for beginners.


If you're a reader, there are several introductory books that break down AI concepts in an easily digestible manner. "AI Learning for Marketers: Kickstart Your Journey Today" by Paul Roetzer would be an excellent starting point.


Staying updated on the latest AI trends and developments is crucial. Subscribing to newsletters like and AI TOOL REPORT ensures you get curated insights right in your inbox, helping you keep a pulse on the rapidly changing AI landscape.


For those who prefer bite-sized learning and insights, podcasts can be a goldmine. Shows like "The AI In Business Podcast" and "The Marketing AI Show" offer deep dives into various AI topics, with industry experts sharing their insights.


Engaging with communities can be immensely beneficial. Not only do they offer a platform to connect with other learners, but they also provide opportunities to collaborate, share resources, and seek help. Platforms like Reddit's r/MachineLearning and Hugging Face's forum are bustling with enthusiasts discussing the latest in AI.


Next Steps to Go Deeper

As you gain foundational knowledge in AI, it's essential to not just stop there. Delving deeper and getting hands-on will not only solidify your understanding but will also position you as an AI-savvy marketer in your industry. Here are some steps to further intensify your AI journey:

Hands-on Experimentation

The best way to truly understand AI is to get your hands dirty. Start by testing AI models yourself. A platform like Hugging Face offers the world's largest collection of open-source models, allowing you to experiment and see AI in action. Whether it's natural language processing or generative models, you can interact, test, and even fine-tune them to your needs.

Specialized Training

As you become more comfortable with the basics, consider diving into a specific AI focus area. Whether it's creating Generative Apps, designing chatbots, fine-tuning models, or building highly personalised customer experiences enabled by AI, a specialised focus will enhance your expertise. Platforms like Coursera or Udemy often have courses that dive deep into these specific areas, providing both theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

Conference Workshops

Another excellent way to deepen your understanding is by attending conference workshops. These workshops, led by industry experts, provide immersive learning experiences. They often feature hands-on labs, real-world case studies, and opportunities to interact with leaders in the AI field.

Get Certified

Finally, as you advance in your AI learning journey, consider getting certified. Certifications not only validate your AI knowledge but also add significant weight to your professional credentials. Organisations like, NVIDIA, and Google along with Coursera offer AI certifications.


Putting Your Learning Into Action

Acquiring knowledge is just half of the equation. Applying what you've learned is crucial to truly internalise the information and reap the benefits. Here's how you can put your newfound AI expertise into action:

Start Small

Begin with simple AI applications. Perhaps it's automating a small part of your marketing efforts, using chatbots for customer inquiries, or leveraging AI for data analysis. Starting with manageable tasks will give you a feel for the tools and techniques while building your confidence. Here is a simple SEO Project I built with and ChatGPT APIs.

Partner with Experts

You don't have to go at it alone. Collaborate with AI specialists or data scientists in your organization. Their technical know-how combined with your marketing insights can create a potent blend of expertise. If you're in a smaller company without in-house experts, consider reaching out to consultants or AI agencies to guide your first projects.

Share Knowledge

One of the best ways to solidify your understanding is by teaching others. Conduct workshops, write blog posts, or even just have informal discussions with colleagues. Sharing will not only position you as a thought leader but will also help in reinforcing and expanding your own knowledge.



The world of AI can seem vast and intimidating, but remember, every expert once started as a beginner. The key is to take that initial step. Whether it's an online course, reading a book, or attending a workshop, start your AI learning journey somewhere. With consistent effort and a genuine interest, you'll soon find yourself adept at harnessing AI's potential, transforming not just your marketing campaigns, but also how you view the very essence of marketing in this digital age.

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