A Year of Wins and Wows: Construct Digital Looks Back at 2016 Achievements

Team Construct Digital
13 Dec 2016

>We've been busy this 2016!

Between scoring new accounts and strengthening relationships with our clients, between building our inbound marketing powerhouse and mastering the tricks of the digital trade, we've also managed to accomplish the following: establish presence overseas, move offices, and double our Singapore team.

Indeed, it's quite the banner year for Construct Digital. Our managing partner Charanjit Singh sums up our 2016 triumphs in these four glorious words: “We've exceeded our targets.”

To be more specific, we're taking this time to list this year's achievements made possible by your trust, our know-how, and good juju. This roundup does not only help us assess our progress; it's also our way of assuring you that more than ever, we're equipped to give you our digital best.

1. Team Growth

We began the year with an inspired move: establish an office in Vietnam. Today, the Vietnam office is backed by a solid team of developers and creatives.

Not to be outdone, the Singapore manpower has almost doubled as well—what was once a small team has grown to become a powerhouse of digital marketers, developers, and creatives.

Construct Digital Agency - Singapore and Vietnam team at our offsite in Vung Tau

Construct Digital Offsite Meeting in Vung Tau, Vietnam:
Team Singapore with Team Vietnam 

What this means to you: We've found more passionate people who will design, build, and strategically optimise and market your websites and campaigns. Each member of the team is hyperfocused to deliver meaningful results for businesses.

2. New Office

Goodbye to our old 700 sq ft. office in Newton!


The Construct Digital Singapore team now sits in a cosy 2,000 sq. ft. open-plan office that comes with a mezzanine, a fully stocked pantry, and balcony with a view.

Not only do we have a balcony, we also have expansive glass windows that afford us a view of the outdoors from our working spots. Quite a treat to see cheery Singapore skies at any given working day.


Welcome to our new office!

What this means to you: The Construct Digital team inhabits an environment that allows us to thrive even more. Inspiration comes easy when the workplace is wonderful to begin with.

3. Hubspot Gains

In early 2015, Construct Digital partnered with inbound marketing giant Hubspot to fortify our digital marketing capabilities. “Our investments in Hubspot have now resulted in us being the only Gold Tiered Certified partner in Southeast Asia,” Charan says.

“It has helped us gain many new digital marketing clients, and we have helped them grow their business through online channels.”

Construct Digital also bagged the Hubspot Impact Awards for Client Inbound Growth for growing the Human Capital Leader Institute (HCLI) contacts by 1700%! Through an effective digital marketing campaign, HCLI also garnered an ROI of 852% and a total of 902 new contacts and signups.


Amazing results courtesy of our fantastic digital marketing team

What this means to you: Our Hubspot-powered inbound marketing strategies work. We've converted leads and generated customers—we can produce the same results for your business.

Talk to Us. Let's Maximise Your Marketing Budget.

4. Client Relationships

“In 2016 we saw our investments in improving our digital marketing capabilities bear fruit, resulting in us winning three big marketing accounts,” says Charan.

These new clients are Giant, SAP, and Lorna Whiston.

Throughout the year, we've also continued to support our clients like The Body Shop, American Express, and many more.

What this means to you: More brands trust us. More brands stay with us.

“Once these clients work with us, they realise we are reliable and trustworthy. They discover we'll never leave them in the lurch. That's one of the fundamental reasons people work with us,” Charan says.

“We're a value-driven agency—the value you get from us is phenomenal. Even after you've paid the bill, we'll never leave you. You'll never hear us say 'Oh sorry, you don’t have a retainer with us'. This is one of our core values.”

My 2016 key lesson is, never say die, and don't be afraid to do new sh*t.”
- Charanjit Singh, Managing Partner


Bye, 2016! Hello, 2017!

Six years in, and the investments have paid off. Today Construct Digital provides a full suite of digital offerings: content production, SEO, social media, email marketing, and digital advertising.

There's no question about it. We're bigger. We're stronger.

However, let it be known that our level of client servicing remains the same.

From the beginning, Construct Digital has been known for providing topnotch service to its clients. We give them access to what we call the “emergency red button”. When you need our project managers to deliver on time and on a budget, press it, and they’ll be there faster than you can say, “Help!”

Never forget this key takeaway: That no matter what happens, we have your back. Whether you need someone to answer a query or fix the littlest of bugs, you can call us.

We look forward to working with you this 2017, which looks like an even more exciting year. “In 2017, we see ourselves becoming a full-service digital agency with the introduction of paid media and advertising as a new service pillar. ” Charan says.

“Online media advertising is the capability we intend to invest in and strengthen in the New Year, as I forsee 2017 to be the year print advertising will finally be laid to rest.”

Exciting times? You bet.

Before we wrap this year-ender up, here’s a resounding “Thank you” from all of us here at Construct Digital:

“We thank you for the faith you've had in our young growing agency. We believe that we've put in every bit of our heart and soul into delivering the best possible campaigns and results for you. And expect even more in 2017 from Construct Digital”


Want us to develop and design your upcoming websites or map out your 2017 inbound marketing strategies? Chat us up!

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