Pokémon Go: The Big List of Weirdness & Coolness

Gotta Catch 'em All!”

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, Pokémon Go is driving the world insane.

The location-based Augmented Reality game is currently the #1 free app on iOS and Google Play marketplaces. And it has generated a daily revenue of US1.6 Million (in USA and iOS alone) and surpassed Twitter in daily active users – in just two weeks!

In anticipation of its release in Asia (we hope soon!), we’ve trawled the web to find out how Pokémon Go has shaken up the world. It’s certainly been…interesting.

Catching 'em [Pokémon] in Weird Places

1. War zones, weddings, bathrooms, and a labour ward in a hospital?

The 15 weirdest places people have caught ‘em all in ‘Pokémon Go’

2. It’s so awkward! Pokémons appear in Arlington National Cemetery, and the Holocaust Museum amongst others
12 awkward places Pokémon really shouldn’t have turned up

3. Pokémon isn’t in Singapore yet, but we’ve got good guesses where to catch ‘em
5 weird places in Singapore you might very well find a Pokémon Go Gym

The Game Brings More Business & New Jobs

1. Real estate agents use ‘Pokémon Go’ gyms to get house hunters
How Pokémon Go could help you sell your house

2. Marketing with Pokémon hunting parties, battery chargers, and Pokestops
How to use Pokémon Go for marketing

3. New Jobs: Pokémon Go trainer for US$20/hour
You can hire a Pokémon Go trainer for $20 an hour because the world is good


Image source: Huffington Post

Have Fun and Do Good Deeds at the Same Time

1. Play the Game and Volunteer to Walk Dogs
Pokémon Go helps rescue dogs as young players take pooches on walks while they play the game

2. Or catch a murder suspect
Pokémon Go helps Marines to catch suspect

We Act Differently When Chasing Pokémons

1. Choose one: chase Pokémon or go on a date?

People would rather catch Pokémon than go on dates

2. Or would you refuse medical treatment?
Stabbing victim refuses treatment, continues playing Pokémon GO

3. Or…would you walk right through a TV weather report
Watch a Pokémon Go player walk right through a TV weather report

It’s breathtaking that a simple game could generate this tsunami of news. It’s fascinating how businesses and enterprising players use it in hacky ways. And it also got us wondering:

What will happen when Pokémon Go launches in Singapore?

We’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment!

Header image: Full HD Pictures

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