More Than Just Email Marketing: Are You Doing It?

Put your hands up if you are a marketer, and you fixate over every single detail of the e-mail before it goes out. From the subject line to body copy, from the eDM visual to the call to action (CTA) button.

Marketers are guilty of that fixation over details, ever so eager to cram informational messages into the e-mail thus rendering it rather dull. They often forget that the e-mail is only the first click in the subscriber’s journey. The journey of an email recipient does not end at your e-mail, it merely begins. The e-mail should be part of a series of interactions you have with your recipients.

So, what is “more” then, you ask?


Marketing emails can be quite predictable, where traditionally its aim is to feed recipients with mountains of passive and wordy information. By doing so, you will probably discourage them from opening your e-mails.

Kevan Lee from Buffer encourages marketers to “delight your subscribers” with personalised e-mails. So why not include other functions like webinars, downloads or recommendations. Rewarding your recipients by giving back a little can go a long way in establishing better bonds with them.

Dropbox offered a whopping 48GB extra storage space when I downloaded the app on my new mobile device. Now, that’s definitely delightful! You can bet that the next e-mail from Dropbox will not be ignored!


8tracks, which is music platform I’ve signed up for, does a good job in providing suggestions for their subscribers as well (and in my opinion, does a better job than Spotify).


I love getting their email of playlist suggestions because they pay attention to the types of music I like (yup, I am currently going through a rap phase), but it came with a witty joke, about cats.



There’s a tremendous amount of noise in a user’s inbox, with dozens of e-mails flowing in everyday not just from you, but from other marketers as well. More often than not, your subscribers are asked to start a free trial, check out a sale or follow someone on Twitter.

Many do not know how to fully utilise e-mails to its full potential even though marketing e-mails comes in a variety of shapes and forms. It is most commonly used for offers, but you can use if for features, announcements, newsletters, events and even to get feedback.

Take Canva for example, their emails are not only clean and simple but it is also different, almost every time! From ideas to tips and tricks, webinars to eBooks, surveys to announcements, and solutions to problems that you might face.





Litmus’s 2013 study shows that mobile accounts for the majority of email opening at 51% (we are sure the numbers has increased since then). Now, designing emails for mobile optimisation is no longer just an option but a necessity.

That is responsive design – the adaptability of an email or website to any device. This allow your recipients to read the same e-mail on any screen without compromising its functionality or aesthetics.

Here’s how the same Evernote e-mail looks on my desktop and on mobile. Essentially, you want your recipients to know that no matter which device they are on, they are guaranteed ease of browse when they open your e-mail.


Don’t forget that your marketing e-mails are only a section of your campaign. Start by defining what you need to do for your campaign, and move forward from there. Get our FREE comprehensive campaign checklist to get your started.

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