7 Ideas to Optimise Your Website for Easter


Three-day weekend? Not an April Fool’s joke, guys!

While your minds may already be jonesing for the longer-than-usual break, your website shouldn’t. Did you know that keyword searches for “easter ideas” spike year-on-year, during the Easter season?

Easter keyword search spikes

Source: Google Trends

In fact, Singapore ranks 13th globally among countries that searched for Easter ideas in Google—beating out the predominantly Catholic nation Philippines.

Easter topic interest by region1


Easter interest by region2


This shows how ripe this market is for what your business can offer this time of the year. While historically not as hectic as the Christmas season, Easter holiday spending offers a potential niche market that could get you the numbers—from site visits to converted sales leads—that may benefit you.

Ideas to make your eCommerce site highly visible this Easter weekend

1. Create an Easter-themed landing page featuring Easter-related items (or simply add a little occasion-related visual to your homepage). 

Check this out:

insight format


The data above represent a growing opportunity. Why don't you tap on it?

Let these digital Singaporeans get in on the online action by pooling all your Easter items or bundles on one page. Cold Storage easily does this through a dedicated Easter Picks page.

Cold Storage Easter picks page



 2. Do keyword research to find occasion-related, long-tail keywords that will serve your business best during this seasonal period.

It may be tempting to simply add “easter” to your keywords, but will this be enough to get you ranking on page 1 of search engines? Read this step-by-step article on how to find the best keywords for your campaign, and we suggest an arsenal of tools you can use in your research.

3. Send out Easter e-mails to your customers to drive them to your website.

More than just telling your existing customers what you can sell them this Easter weekend, a simple “hello, we’re spreading the Easter cheer” kind of email might just be the note they need to get your brand top of mind. We’ve said many times before that it doesn’t pay to make your email immediately sound like a sales pitch, mainly because people don’t really care about your products. So craft your email well, particularly your subject heading, to ensure it gets opened, and your message gets read. 

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4. Ever heard of an Easter egg hunt—on a website? 

With a little web dev wizardry, you could get customers going through all pages of your site looking for eggs. FreeflyVR, a virtual reality business based also in the UK, does exactly this technique. It’s a great way to entice potential customers to comb through all your site’s pages, and get to know your brand and products in the process. At the end of the hunt, a prize awaits!

FreeflyVR Easter egg hunt on website

5. Create shareable content, with an associated landing page on your website.

Some brands have gone all-out with the Easter social campaigns (like this one by Carlsberg in the UK), but we all know that producing shareable content doesn’t necessarily mean having to create an expensive, labour-intensive, dripping-with-chocolate production.

It could be a fun interactive game on a microsite. How about branded Easter GIFs created by your in-house artist? Cute baby bunnies may also promote emotional resonance. They may just be the Easter treat your web- and mobile-savvy customers want to see.

6. Ensure your website is mobile-responsive.

This goes without saying. With 95% of Singaporeans online using the mobile phone as their main gadget of choice, many customers may be visiting your site through their phones.

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7. Build those links.

It’s an SEO tactic that has proven to be a valuable factor in driving a page’s search engine rank. Every page 1-ranking article you will find on any topic you search will have both internal and external links on it. (It’s also what we did in this article you’re reading right now too!) Let’s do it again, shall we? Get easy-to-do link-building tips here. Wink, wink.

- - -

There you have it. Time to make a quick change to your website, shoot a short "Happy Easter" email, and get everybody talking. We do like coming up with holiday campaign ideas (see: Chinese New Year) - if you need any help with yours, let us know! 

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