Whither Facebook’s IPO

Here’s an excerpt of an article Charan wrote about the Facebook IPO, in which he considers if Facebook will ever be bigger than Google and dominate the online advertising market.

You would have to be living on another planet if you haven’t heard about the Facebook IPO by now. Deemed as one of the largest public offerings in the world, it has been a roller-coaster ride for what was once a college social network.

But while many amongst us in the Singapore digital fraternity had been looking forward to their IPO with baited breath, and at 100B dollars were expecting it to be larger than the Google IPO in 2004, there are some complications ahead before the deal is done.

In recent days there have been news reports of Yahoo filing a suit against Facebook for infringing numerous patents. And then there’s the SEC crackdown on the secondary marketplace for pre-IPO stock. All of this has cast an ugly shadow on what should have been Facebook’s coming out party and is sure to dampen the price expectations of the IPO.

You can read the rest of the analysis on the Singapore Business Review here.

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