Plan your marketing campaigns in 4 easy steps!

Free B2B Marketing Plan Template


Planning a marketing campaign can be a lot like juggling 3 cats, whilst feeding your baby and doing budget spreadsheets at the same time.


It's time to take back control of our Marketing Campaign plans before they run away!

Use our 4-step B2B Inbound Marketing Campaign Plan Template to identify and organise your objectives, buyers, tactics and content.

Hence this compendium of free B2B Email Marketing Best Practices, curated from our years of doing Email Marketing for clients such as Conrad, SAP, and more. With it, you'll get to the top of your prospects' minds and on the tips of their speed dial.

You Will Get
  • Step-by-step guide to developing 4 key Marketing Campaign components:
    • Marketing Objectives
    • Buyers, Their Needs and Their Goals
    • The Buyers’ Journey
    • Campaign Tactics and Content
  • Tips on how to calculate your digital marketing ROI
  • What each ROI metric means and when to best use it
  • Ready-to-go template that links the usual Marketing Metrics to ROI