Search Engine Marketing

Together with SEO, SEM represents another scalable online marketing channel.

Search Engine Marketing

A well converting funnel is a gift that keeps giving. Adword CPCs go down while Quality Score goes up

With Google removing side bar ads and introducing expanded text ads, the role of SEM is more important than ever. In order to get the best ROI on your media spend, these are the few things you will need for a good SEM campaign:


Media Planning

An initial media plan is generated based on the campaign objectives. Most campaigns fall into two categories: Awareness driven where the KPI is reach or Lead Generation where the KPI could be number of leads or eCommerce conversions. The media plan will give an estimate of the cost per lead, reach and potential clicks to website.


Buyer Persona

Buyer persona planning lets us identify buckets of keywords that are related to the campaign. This research allows for the crafting of ad copy in the words of the customer which leads to a higher Click-through Rate (CTR), giving you more bang for your buck.


Web Asset Design & Production

If the campaign requires GDN or other ad publishing networks, then web banner design and production is required. We have produced 100s of static and HTML 5 banners for numerous clients including McDonald’s, Changi Airport, and American Express.


Campaign Setup

For any new campaign, there will always be an initial setup that is required to set the campaign rules within AdWords. This also includes keyword research, a very important part of the process.


Campaign Optimisation

All our ads are A/B tested and we start each Ad Set with at least 2 variations. We iterate on the ad copy until a good CTR is achieved and at that point, we double down on the budget. On average, we achieve CTR of between 2 – 3%, an above average rate. For niche businesses, we’ve gotten CTRs as high as 17%.


Landing Page Optimisation

Landing Page Optimisation also known as Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is the process of improving conversions. A huge factor in the success of any given Search Campaign is the effectiveness of the landing page. High CTR but lower conversion rates are strong indicators of a poor performing landing page.



A report will be generated at the end of each month that will compile ad data from different channels. This provides an overview of the media campaign and shows what’s working and what’s not.


Performance Marketing

Ultimately, our clients engage our services to bring in new customers. Our most recent media implementation for a big technology company, lowered their Cost per Lead (CPL) by over 50% through very tight targeting, relevant copy and well converting landing pages.

Is your SEM provider doing all of the above for you? Speak to us today to maximise the ROI on your digital advertising budget.



Giant Singapore




Giant wanted to dominate the search rankings for important keywords during the Chinese New Year shopping period. We worked to develop numerous pieces of premium content in order to rank in the top 3 positions for over 99 keywords within 3 months.

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