Step-by-Step Auditing and Planning

If you’re looking for ways to enhance your business's digital performance, save operational cost, or drive more revenue, our consultancy services are for you.

Not ones to shy away from a challenge, our multidisciplinary teams will look at your company’s complexities from a digital, operational, and systemic point of view to uncover what works and what’s missing from your business.

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Key People

Charanjit Singh
Managing Partner
Minh Dang
Technical Manager
Edwin Tam
Data and Strategy Director
Zulayha Sharin
Strategic Planner
Monil Nisar
Strategic Planner
Min Choi
Marketing Analyst
Our intelligence department is as diverse as it is
cross-functional. Our collective experience spans 20+ years in
markets over 3 continents.

We enable businesses to collaboratively explore new ways of working with digital transformation, refine their customer and user experience, and evaluate their digital touch points—while keeping their objectives in the foreground.

Your team, together with our strategy, design, and technical experts, will work to discover, define, and develop the best ways of doing business.

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