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Get traffic insights - with detailed mobile data broken down into average screen resolution, screen sizes, OS, brand share and more - with the definitive mobile statistics report for 2018.
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Are you a marketer or developer looking for some insights into the mobile industry, before building your new mobile application or website? 

Perhaps you are working with resource constraints and need to prioritise the gargantuan task of building, optimising and keeping updated (and compatible) a mobile application or site.

Maybe you already have a digital asset accessible on mobile screens that you'd like some insight into what to optimise for first?

Whatever the case may be, this is the white paper for you. Filled with usage graphs and statistics compiled through an analysis of over 2.8 million users over a span of 6 months, this document is the bible of mobile resource for Singapore.

What this document will contain:
  • 13 page infographic-style report
  • Mobile traffic data & insights
  • Detailed breakdown of traffic
  • Screen size and resolution data
  • OS usage breakdown
  • Top 500 most used devices
  • Analysis of data

Tableau Data

Bonus: When you fill in your details, you'll gain access to an interactive chart of the data from the white paper. The interactive chart will allow you to better analyse the data and derive new insights, as seen above. 

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