Marketing ROI Reporting Template:

Track & present your campaign performance

What if you had a report that tracked the metrics that matter, automatically calculated your Marketing ROI, and generated charts for presentations?

You'll want this Marketing ROI Reporting Template

Built in Excel, it structures your reports so that you know what data to track and, more importantly, automatically calculates and generates charts to show the effectiveness of your campaigns over time.

This template is for bosses who demand business ROI metrics, too! Calculate the Customer Acquisition Cost of your campaigns from your digital metrics such as visits, leads, and customers. Impress with your marketing cost per visit, lead, and customer.

What you will get in this ROI Guide:
  • 5 worksheets to track the metrics that matter
  • Automated calculations for Month-on-Month growth, conversion rates, and more
  • Pre-generated charts that show your performance over time for presentations
  • Ready-to-go templates that links the Digital Marketing Metrics to Business ROI

  • Easy to follow instructions to use this ROI Report Template on our blog

Let's get cracking!