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The Ultimate Email Automation Guide - Top 35  Tools Compared

Boost your email marketing efforts by employing the right tool! Our comprehensive guide compares almost every available email automation tool in the market. 
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Are you looking for an email automation tool?

Are you struggling to decide which email automation tool will best suit your needs?

Don't worry, we got you covered.

We compared 35 different email automation tools and documented our findings in this guide.

If email marketing is part of your marketing mix, email automation is a must.

Don't miss out on this.

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Download-Now-Button In this guide, you will learn:

  •  Is email marketing dead?
  •  What is email automation?
  •  Should you use email automation?
  •  Email automation vs Marketing Automation
  •  Types of automated emails
  • Comparison of 35 email automation tools

All conveniently compiled into one guide to help you make a more informed decision today!

Download now!