5 Digital Bites Before Breakfast: On Mobile World Congress, Bots, Internet Behaviour Trends, UX, and Having a Human-Centred Design Culture

It’s an exciting time to be digital ninjas!

We're geeking out on Mobile World Congress 2016's slew of cutting-edge technology. Maybe we'll implement cognitive data understanding for our clients' campaigns.

Another digital trend that we’re thrilled about is using bots to instantly help us do something. Need a pizza pronto? Open your phone, scan a chat code, and tell a chat bot what you want. The possibilities for consumers and businesses are mind-boggling!

In other digital news: we look at worldwide internet behaviour trends; the best UX practices for displaying products on an e-commerce website; and how a bank in USA has firmly embraced a human-centred design culture to enhance customer experience.

1) Mobile World Congress: 2016 is the Year of “Now”


We wish we were there at this year’s Mobile World Congress!

What’s special about the technology showcased at the 2016 Congress is that most, if not all, are available now. One particularly exciting trend is cognitive data understanding. By using tech that can crunch “human” data like emotional cues, brands can deliver content and experiences that take into account observed human behaviours and emotional contexts.

This will certainly be a boon for businesses who seek to engage with their customers in more meaningful and personal ways.

>>Originally from: Campaign Asia
Image from: Pexels

2) Bots are the Future Of Chat


2030 AD. Man at the Singapore Sports Hub rooting for Singapore as they play against Japan in the World Cup Qualifier finals. He’s thirsty for a beer. He looks around and sees this: “Want a beer? Chat with us (SGSportsHub) at WeChat!”

He opens WeChat. Looks for @SGSportsHub. And types: “Hi, I want a beer.”

“OK! How many?”


“Got it! 4 Beers of… Tiger, Heineken, Tsingtao?”


“OK. 4 Tiger beers are headed your way in 5 minutes. Please pay in cash or Singapore Bonds.”

Short, quick, service fulfilled in a way that you’re familiar with. Now that’s the beauty of a bot.

>> Originally from Venture Beat
Image source: Drinking America
Shared by Han, Web Designer

3) Internet Behaviour Trends Around the World


One trillion global page views. More than two billion Internet users worldwide.

The folks at AddThis crunched this massive dataset to create a nifty infographic about internet (specifically desktop and mobile) behaviour trends around the world. It’s great for a bird's eye view of the world where desktop reigns supreme, social sharing behaviours by device, and other notable social media trends.

>>Originally from Hubspot
Image source: Pexels
Shared by Andrea, Digital Associate

4) Usability Findings in E-Commerce


Pagination, “load more” button, and infinite scrolling. What is the best UX pattern to display products on an e-commerce website?

Over at Smashing Magazine, there was a lively discussion on the pros and cons of each of these three UX patterns, based on Baymard Institute’s usability study of more than 50+ leading e-commerce websites. But then we think it all boils down to whether a sale is made, as one commenter pithily said:

Who cares if people browse more if they wind up purchasing less? That’s a fail for both the business and the user, since neither of them have accomplished their objectives.” 

>> Originally from Smashing Magazine
Image source: Smashing Magazine
Shared by An, Technical Director 

5) Capital One’s Human-Centred Design Culture


Design should be a co-creation between design, engineering, and the business."

That being said, it is difficult for companies that don’t have a solid design foundation to build products that connects with business goals. But at US bank Capital One, they are all about making products that have a big impact through human-centred design culture and understanding the customer whom they are designing for.

Hmmph. A unified design groundwork that starts with a deep understanding of the customer. Now that's a lesson for all of us -- whether we work in an agency, brand, or everything in between. 

>> Originally from in Blog
Image source: Unsplash
Shared by Kendrick, Designer

Want more digital news? Check out the rest of our 5 Digital Bites b/f Breakfast series!

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